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Therapy: Get rid of pain without pain killers

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The fitness studios are open again, as are sports clubs and swimming pools. Actually, everyone could really start again with football, tennis or weight training, but many are now plagued by irrepressible pain. After weeks in the home office, many people jogged to their hearts’ content, downloaded workout apps and exercised too much too fast. Not every shoulder girdle can withstand 50 push-ups from zero to one hundred.

The result is an overload of the joints with knee problems, back pain and shoulder problems. Others have stocked up on home renovation materials at hardware stores. Painting, wallpapering, rough gardening work should distract from the corona madness – here too, the hobby craftsman sometimes wanted more than his office body gave. The joints sound the alarm.

Many then googled: “Which pain pill works best? What side effects do ibuprofen, diclofenac or aspirin have? ”Just get rid of the unpleasant pain quickly. But does that make sense? “Three or four days of self-medication with non-prescription tablets for pain is absolutely sensible,” says Christopher Topar, sports medicine specialist with a practice in Berlin. “There are funds for that.” Everyone has to find out for themselves who can take what better.

Disturbed interaction between muscles, joints, metabolism, sleep, relaxation, psyche and nutrition

Those suffering from pain, who hope for a cure without surgery – and if possible without having to take pills permanently, make a pilgrimage to Christopher Topar. The doctor has followed a holistic concept for many years. For Topar, pain is not a functional disorder, but the result of a disturbed interaction between muscles, joints, metabolism, sleep, relaxation, psyche and nutrition. “I put a lot of emphasis on my patients’ own responsibility so that they can do something themselves to alleviate their pain.”

But he doesn’t just tell you which drugs from the pharmacy will help you. Rather, he shows you, among other things, which home remedies can relieve pain. In recent years, the knowledge of naturopathic medicine has grown enormously in the use of pain, but also in many other diseases. Patients who are willing to do something about their suffering themselves now benefit from this.

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“If pain is caused by inflammatory processes, anti-inflammatory agents help,” said the doctor. These can be found, for example, in natural foods, especially blueberries, broccoli and ginger. “70 percent of the food on the plate should be of plant origin, not just for those suffering from pain,” says Topar. High meat consumption stimulates inflammatory processes; joint pain that subsides, for example, can flare up again. The arachidonic acid contained in meat is responsible for this.

“Those who eat badly have more problems”

Certain foods like dark chocolate, teas like green tea, oolong and black tea, cranberry or pomegranate juice also improve the intestinal flora, as the US bestselling author, scientist and doctor William Lee in his book “Eat right, live longer – Eat to beat disease “Writes that has just appeared in German (Heyne). In his book he describes the relationship between diet, illness and health. A healthy intestinal flora strengthens the immune system and thus the breakdown of inflammatory substances in the body. “If you eat badly, you have more problems,” says Topar.

“Turmeric, nettle, devil’s claw, frankincense and omega-3 fatty acids act specifically against inflammation,” says the doctor. The fasts rediscovered in recent years and intermittent fasting are also effective. “If we can go a few hours without food, the cells clear up inflammatory cells like a vacuum cleaner.” The fewer inflammatory cells there are in the body, the less irritation the joints are.

If the metabolism is constantly busy with digestion, these regeneration processes will fail. “There is a baker on every corner with something sugary that you can quickly take with you. So much sugar kills the metabolism, ”says Topar. Polyphenols in dark chocolate or black coffee, on the other hand, help strengthen the body’s defense systems, says doctor William Lee.

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Overcoming the initial pain and moving around almost always helps

In addition to information on a nutrient-rich and healthy diet, sports doctor Topar also gives his patients instructions on how home remedies can relieve their pain. Quark and cabbage compresses pull inflammation from the knee or elbow. They are anti-inflammatory without the side effects of long-term medication. Because the big problem does not have patients who take pain killers for a few days, but those who think they need them permanently. “Back pain often disappears after a few days, with or without tablets. But if that is not the case, an exact diagnosis is indicated. “

A good night’s sleep is also crucial for pain relief. “Two thirds of my pain patients sleep badly. You cannot fall asleep, wake up at night, or don’t sleep through the night. As a result, their regeneration is severely impaired, ”says the doctor. If the body and mind do not regenerate, the person gets under stress, a trigger of pain. Pain can also promote or worsen depression.

An important therapeutic for Topar is exercise. Anyone who suffers from back or neck pain should, if possible, overcome the initial pain and move, just not sit on the coach. Moving and changing position alleviates the pain. Of course, this would not work with a serious injury, but movement and targeted exercises worked for the majority of patients.

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“If the pain doesn’t get so severe in the first place, it doesn’t take a dramatic course”

In addition to naturopathic remedies, Topar also uses local injections under image control. With the help of a physical examination and an MRI, he diagnoses the exact location of the pain on the back, for example. Is it a small vertebral joint, the intervertebral disc, or the nerve?

Then, under X-ray guidance, he precisely injects a mixture of cortisone and pain relievers into the affected structure. If necessary, the process is repeated. “Instead of reaching the whole body, the active ingredients only reach the local area where they cause the pain. So you can reduce the drug dose and thus the side effects. “

As a remedy for pain, it is important not to let it become chronic. Anyone who suffers for more than four days and their own means does not help should see a doctor. “If the pain doesn’t get so severe, it doesn’t take a dramatic course,” says the doctor. As soon as a person can move again, he or she should look specifically for exercises on the Internet or in his gym that stabilize the joints that have previously caused problems. Nothing helps against pain like having strong muscles.


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