Thermalright offers huge SSD coolers

With a gigantic cooler, Thermalright also wants to reliably cool heated SSDs in M.2 format.

The change from PCI-Express 3.0 to PCI-Express 4.0 doubles the transfer rates for SDDs. However, this is accompanied by an increase in power consumption, which can quickly make the SSD sweat. The upcoming change to PCI-Express 5.0 is even making SSD manufacturers frown. Adequate cooling of the fast memory is correspondingly important. Manufacturer Thermalright has therefore introduced a new cooler. The cooling block, named HR-09 2280 Pro, is designed to keep SSDs in M.2 2280 format cool and looks gigantic.

90 grams weight

A high stack of aluminum slats is responsible for this. Overall, the SSD heat sink is 74 millimeters high, 24 mm wide and 86 mm long. This results in an impressive weight of 90 grams. Thermalright uses a nickel-plated copper base plate. From here, two 6 mm thick heat pipes transfer the heat to the aluminum fins. However, an additional fan cannot be attached due to the lack of latches or clips.

Prices not yet known

Alternatively, Thermalright also offers a model without a Pro. This is smaller and uses only one heat pipe and is therefore only 48 mm high. In addition, it weighs 10 grams less. The manufacturer has not yet announced the prices of the two SSD coolers. It is also questionable to what extent such a large heat sink is even necessary for SSDs. SSDs only reduce their speed after long write processes and the associated heat generation. So if you shovel a lot of large files onto the SSDs, you could benefit from high write rates for longer thanks to the cooler.

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