These 3 questions can predict whether someone will be a good fit for you in the long term, according to the founder of online dating

Predicting whether a relationship will have a long-term future or not is a mystery many have already tried to solve. Yet the golden formula has still not been found. According to Sam Yagan, by many the grandfather of online dating called it, however, it is very simple.

That Sam Yagan has not stolen his nickname, is quickly apparent when you look at his resume. In 2003, he founded the dating website OkCupid with some college friends from while at Harvard. He later sold the site to Match Group, the company behind Plenty of Fish, Hinge, and Tinder, among others. Yagan was head of the latter two for some time.

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In an interview with, Sam Yagan tells how he and his friends came up with the idea to create OkCupid. In contrast to, for example, Tinder, this dating app is not only focused on appearance. You can fill in all kinds of questions in OkCupid. Based on those answers, the app determines your ideal partner. This way you get to see how many percent you match with each potential match.

With more than one million active users, many completed questionnaires and of course many successful matches, OkCupid is therefore excellent for determining once and for all how you can know if you fit together. And that turns out not to be about what you would expect.

The conclusion of that investigation also surprised Yagan. “You can disagree about religion, you can disagree about pets, you can disagree about a lot of things,” he notes when he sees the three crucial indicators.

Ask your date these three questions:

1. Do you like horror movies?

Being a fan of horror movies or not tells more about a person than meets the eye. “The idea of ​​scaring yourself is deeply ingrained,” explains Yagan.

2. Have you ever traveled alone in a foreign country?

Traveling alone in a foreign country, for some it is a dream and for others one of their worst nightmares.

3. Have you ever wanted to throw everything away and start living on a sailboat?

Again, the answer to the question tells a lot about a person and can help you gain a better understanding of who he or she really is.

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