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These 3 things make it easier to address taboos in your relationship

Couple conflicts are always due to a lack of communication skills.
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As a child or teenager, you may have been taught by adults that it was inappropriate to talk about topics such as sex, money, or death.

These taboos or topics considered unacceptable by a higher power can haunt you into adulthood and make it difficult to bring up certain uncomfortable but important topics with a partner or loved one.

However, according to well-known relationship therapist Esther Perel, there are ways and means to break this mental barrier and have less tense conversations.

The key is understanding where a taboo comes from, Perel explained on a YouTube livestream titled “Do Taboos Keep Your Relationship On?” After that, you can try to find out why this issue is shameful for you.

To break a taboo, overcome yourself to talk to others about the relevant topics. This makes you feel less controlled by the taboo, explained Perel.

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