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these 5 films, series and documentaries were released in week 48

Thomas Aalderink

Thomas Aalderink

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28 Nov 2020 / 8:59 AM

Also in week 48 a lot of new films and series appeared on Netflix. For example, since this week you can watch the second season of Virgin River, an impressive war movie and a Christmas movie with Dolly Parton.

The last week of November is almost over, and this one also brought us new films and series on Netflix. So now you can watch the second season of Virgin River or two new Christmas movies. One with Kurt Russell and the other with Dolly Parton. Is this all a bit too sweet for you? No worries. With Mosul and The Beast there is also plenty of action on Netflix this week.

New on Netflix in week 48

1. Virgin River (season 2)

Genre: drama / romance

Good news for fans of Virgin River. The second season of this romantic and heartwarming series is now on Netflix. Season 1 saw Melinda leave her life as a nurse in L.A. She moved to a small town in northern California to start over there. After a somewhat difficult start, she not only finds a place there, but also love. Unfortunately, life in a small village is not always as simple as you might expect.

2. Mosul

Genre: thriller / war

Netflix is ​​increasingly able to attract big names. So are Joe and Anthony Russo. You probably know these brothers from several Marvel movies or the Netflix movie Extraction. Their second Netflix Original was released this week Mosul. In this film we travel to the city of the same name in Iraq. Here we follow a young police officer who is rescued by a renegade Iraqi militia. He decides to join this and protect his city from ISIS.

3. Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square

Genre: comedy / music

Christmas is getting closer and it shows. New Christmas movies appear on Netflix every week. Similarly last week. One of which is Christmas on the Square with none other than Dolly Parton. The legendary country singer plays an angel who comes to Earth to show a bitter woman the magic of Christmas. That is very necessary, because this woman has a lot of power in the village and can ruin the entire Christmas party. Of course nobody wants that. A nice Christmas feel-good film, which of course is full of music.

4. The Beast

Genre: action / thriller

Fans of movie series Tasks attention. Netflix has a new film that is strongly reminiscent of this. Without Liam Neeson, but with an unstable Italian veteran who releases the beast inside himself when his daughter is kidnapped. Having no time to wait for the police, he embarks on a revengeful journey. Do not expect a high-quality story, but a very entertaining and especially hard-hitting action thriller.

5. The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

Genre: action / comedy

As mentioned, we cannot ignore the Christmas movies this week. In addition to the magical adventure of Dolly Parton, Netflix is ​​also coming with a sequel The Christmas Chronicles from 2018. Just like two years ago, Christmas is again in danger. An evil elf wants to screw things up and steals the magical poinsettia. It’s up to Santa (played by Kurt Russell) to help his wife and two teenagers to save Christmas.

Last week on Netflix

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5 films and series that appeared on Netflix in week 48: Virgin River and more



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