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these 7 top films will disappear

Netflix only added a limited number of major third-party movies in the past month. The cargo load of new content consisted mainly of Originals. After this week, 7 top films will disappear completely.

Fortunately, we can count on more major cinema films from the streaming service in the coming weeks, as you can read in this article.

Netflix is ​​scrapping films

Before that, however, Netflix will first delete a large number of top films. These are titles for which the license has expired. We have listed seven recommendations that you can quickly check in the coming days.

The Infiltrator

For fans of Breaking Bad and crime movies The Infiltrator recommended. Bryan Cranston plays Robert Muzar, an undercover cop who uncovered bankers who laundered money for drug lords like Pablo Escobar. To do that, however, he first had to infiltrate drug cartels. A true story.

Disappears on: January 30.


Alfonso Cuaróns Gravity was particularly impressive in 2013 due to the 3D experience in the cinema. Less of that remains on Netflix, but nevertheless the acting of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney ensures that the film remains fascinating from start to finish. They play a medical engineer and an astronaut respectively, who float together in space after a disaster. Any chance of salvation seems to have disappeared …

Disappears on: January 31.

The November Man

Pierce Brosnan plays a former CIA agent named Peter. After an explosive career, he comes to rest completely by running a sluggish Swiss hotel. However, an ex-colleague soon pulls him back into the dark world from which he just wanted to escape. When his girlfriend is subsequently murdered and his protégé starts to hunt him down, it is clear that Peter will first have to make short work of his history.

Disappears on: January 31.


Collateral is a wonderful thriller that we unfortunately see very little these days. A shame, because Micheal Mann has managed to assemble a top cast for an exciting film with Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinkett Smith. Foxx plays a taxi driver who unsuspectingly picks up a lawyer and businessman and takes them to their destination. When suddenly a corpse falls on the roof of his taxi, it turns out that a hellish night has started.

Disappears on: January 31.


One of the best gangster movies ever will also disappear from Netflix. Henry Hill starts out as an errand boy in the mafia and is soon assigned bigger jobs. An old hand takes him under his wing, but Henry soon discovers that he will have to make ends meet in the treacherous world of the mafia. Featuring legends Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci!

Disappears on: January 31.


The range of top third-party movies on Netflix has been shrinking at a steady pace, as competitors each come up with their own streaming services. Also Christopher Nolan’s topper Memento is going to clear the field. Guy Peace plays an investigator whose memory has been seriously damaged after the murder of his wife. He wants to get even, but getting through the day is hard. He works on the basis of photos, notes and tattoos as reminders.

Disappears on: January 31.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Also the roller coaster ride that The Wolf of Wall Street hot is going to disappear from Netflix. We are going back to the end of the eighties. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, an addicted stockbroker turned multi-millionaire through fraud. While the mafia and the government are after him, Belfort happily continues his bizarre lifestyle.

Disappears on: January 31.

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Last chance at Netflix: these 7 top films will disappear


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