These are the 10 jobs that are most likely to cause depression

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Did you jump out of bed this morning full of verve and look forward to your work? No? Don’t worry, that is by no means a cause for alarm and could be due to the fact that winter in general is not exactly people-friendly in the early morning. Dark, cold, uncomfortable – it takes some effort to stick one toe out from under the warm duvet.

Above a certain limit, however, this reluctance is no longer in the normal range. Then when the working day becomes a mental torture, when the thought of the job makes you deadly unhappy, when it causes a kind of fainting and even has negative physical effects. Then when the job actually makes you sick.

In Germany, more and more depression is diagnosed every year. This is also shown by the “Depression Atlas”, for which the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) has evaluated the sick leave of more than four million insured persons in employment.

Since 2000, absenteeism due to depression has increased by almost 70 percent. The proportion of people prescribed antidepressants for the disease has also risen by a third.

The study by Techniker Krankenkasse shows that susceptibility to depression depends primarily on one’s job. While employees who work with nature or animals are rarely affected, jobs with a very high level of stress and psychological stress pose a risk.

According to the TK study, these 10 professions are the ones that most often trigger depression:

These are the 10 jobs that are most likely to cause depression

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