These are the 10 most anticipated games in 2021

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As much as we were all happy about the new generation of consoles at the end of 2020, the disappointment with the range of games was just as great. So far, hardly any titles have appeared that have fully exploited the power of the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. That will change in 2021 when the first next-gen titles are finally published.

Why 2021 will be a really great year for video games

The coronavirus and the consequences of the associated global pandemic paralyzed many parts of everyday life in 2020. The gaming industry is of course also affected, so that some games that were supposed to be released in 2020 had to be postponed to 2021. What caused trouble last year, however, has brought gamers numerous releases with many top titles this year.

The most anticipated games in 2021

Which games are expected to be particularly hot in 2021? This year you can expect new titles from popular series like “Horizon”, “Resident Evil” or God of War “. Unfortunately, the exact release date is not yet known for most games, and for some not even an approximate time window. There are only fixed release dates for the games “Hitman 3” and “Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga”. We will keep you informed as soon as further details are known.

January 20th: “Hitman 3”

“Hitman 3” for PS5 – 69.85 euros on Amazon *

The “Hitman” series has always been characterized by the fact that you as a serial killer have to eliminate your targets as undiscovered as possible. The highlight here are the numerous varied options that you have in the games to achieve this. The extensive levels offer you all kinds of opportunities for this. “Hitman 3” continues the story from part two and takes you to Dubai and Berlin, among other places, where you can carry out your assassinations even more stylishly than in the previous one. If you have VR glasses, you can also play the game completely in VR.

May 31: “Lego Star Wars: A Skywalker Saga”

“Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” for PS5 – 29.98 euros on Amazon *

Many large film franchises such as “Lord of the Rings”, “Avengers” or “Harry Potter” have now also got a Lego-style gaming implementation. However, the Lego video games began in the “Star Wars” universe. The games inspire with their humor and clever game mechanics, in which both the Lego style and the characters of the film templates come into play very well. In the latest part “Lego Star Wars: A Skywalker Saga” you play the storylines of the last three “Star Wars” movies and can therefore look forward to encounters with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Kylo Ren or Chancellor Palpatine.

2021: “Lord of the Rings: Gollum”

In the meantime: “Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War” for PS4 and PS5 – 14.99 euros on Amazon *

A “Lord of the Rings” game in which you don’t control one of the hobbits or the heroes Aragorn, Gimli or Legolas, but the character Gollum, which is also very popular with the fans. In this action adventure, Gollum brings his opponents around the corner with insidious attacks instead of open fights. The characters and surroundings should be based very closely on the books and novels.

2021: “Far Cry 6”

In the meantime: “Far Cry 5” for PS4 and PS5 – 22.46 euros on Amazon *

Especially fans of the “Breaking Bad” series should sit up and take notice: The villain of the latest “Far Cry” part is played by none other than Carlo Esposito, who plays the role of Gus Fring in the series. Here he embodies the president of a fictional island state based on Cuba. You slip into the role of a guerrilla soldier who rebels against the government. Since the “Far Cry” series has always been known for the grandiose open game worlds and the wacky and memorable characters, absolutely nothing should go wrong here.

2021: “God of War: Ragnarok”

In the meantime: “God of War” for PS4 and PS5 – 18.90 euros on Amazon *

The reboot of the “God of War” series is one of the best PS4 titles ever released. With the demigod Kratos and his son at your side, you will slaughter your way through the world of Nordic mythology and gods to bring the ashes of your son’s mother to their destination. If you haven’t played this game on PS4, you should definitely do so. It also ends with a heavy cliffhanger, which will increase your desire for the successor a lot.

2021: “Horizon: Forbidden West”

In the meantime: “Horizon: Zero Dawn” for PS4 and PS5 – 18.90 euros on Amazon *

“Horizon: Zero Dawn” is also one of the best titles for the PS4. Thanks to the beautiful game world, the believable protagonist and the huge robots that you have to face in the game, the game was a real mega hit. It is set in the US in the distant future, but humanity has been extinct for almost 1,000 years. You fight your way through some states of the USA that you will recognize despite the changed setting. As the name of the successor suggests, the plot extends to other parts of the country, which promises an even bigger game world, even more characters and tribes and of course even more giant robot beings.

2021: “Resident Evil 8: Village”

In the meantime: “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” for PS4 and PS5 – 24.99 euros on Amazon *

The “Resident Evil” series celebrated a brilliant comeback with part seven and the remakes of parts two and three. After the rather action-packed predecessors, horror and tension are finally offered again and you explore a huge, gloomy house with all kinds of extremely wacky characters. Part eight seems to tie in seamlessly with the gloomy atmosphere of part seven, but the action is extended to an entire city. Fans should be pleased that serial hero Chris Redfield comes back in the new part and takes on a very unexpected role after the trailers.

2021: “Hogwarts: Legacy”

In the meantime: “Lego Harry Potter Collection” for PS4 and PS5 – 22.36 euros on Amazon *

Of course, when you hear the name “Hogwarts” you immediately think of Harry Potter. However, the boy who survived does not appear in this game. Instead, you experience a plot that takes place long before the events of the books. Fans expect, among other things, that the young editions of Dumbledore and Grindelwald will appear in the game. Hogwarts Castle will be very familiar to you, and you can also travel to well-known locations such as Hogsmeade or the Forbidden Forest in the game.

2021: “Gotham Knights”

In the meantime: “Batman: Return to Arkham” for PS4 and PS5 – 19.99 euros on Amazon *

It looks very similar to “Hogwarts Legacy” with “Gotham Knights”. When you hear the name Gotham you think of Batman, but it doesn’t appear in this game. Instead, you take over well-known characters from the “Batman” universe such as Batgirl or Robin. The gloomy Gotham should also look familiar to fans. Alone or with a teammate, you can rid the city of some of the villains known from comics. This happens in an excellent and fluid combat system in which you can use the notorious gadgets.

2021: “Halo Infinite”

In the meantime: “Halo 5: Guardian” for Xbox One and Xbox Series X – 24.95 euros on Amazon *

The “Halo” series has been an integral part of Microsoft console history since the very first Xbox. The typical feel of shooting and regenerating is still unparalleled on consoles today. The newest part “Halo Infinite” was supposed to be released in 2020, but was postponed to 2021. At first glance, gamers recognize the typical Halo gameplay in the trailers shown so far, but in extremely pimped up and chic next-gen graphics. A new partner was revealed as well as (apparently) a new rival. Shooter fans and owners of an Xbox console have another real reason to look forward to 2021.

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