These are the 10 most spectacular owner-occupied houses of 2021

Bosch and Duin, 18,000,000 euros

We kick off with the most expensive house currently for sale on Funda. A gem worth 18 million euros in Bosch en Duin. It has a spacious 2,100 square meters of floor space and – strangely enough – only four bedrooms.

No expense has been spared in this house to make it something luxurious. How about your own hammam, spacious cinema, ‘oval office’ study and a heated driveway? Not surprising either: the ‘spectacular swimming pool’ whose marble floor rises at the touch of a button, creating a dance floor. And all this in the middle of the forest, with total privacy.

Leiden, 6,600,000 euros

This is something different: living at the foot of an old sawmill in the middle of Leiden. For 6.6 million you get 355 m2 of living space, 8122 m2 of land, a boat house, wine cellar, heated natural swimming pool and around your house water with mooring places for a boat.

At the mill – a national monument – you receive a multi-year maintenance plan, and now and then a miller visits to ensure that the mill continues to work.

Wassenaar, 6,500,000 euros

In Wassenaar you have a chance to become the next owner of the house of Shell boss Ben van Beurden. His house has 678 square meters of living space and 9 bedrooms, plus a guest house that many Amsterdam residents will envy as a home (70 m2).

The building, which was designed by the well-known architect Samuel de Clercq, has been thoroughly renovated and is very light due to the many large windows. In the attic is an apartment with its own kitchen and bathroom, which can be used as an office or studio.

Harmelen, 2,695,000 euros

In Harmelen we come across something completely different: the national monument Huize Harmelen. Who hasn’t dreamed of a castle with its own moat? The price tag is hefty, but there is an option to occupy the property with two or three families.

Interesting for people who want to change course: the property has a residential and catering destination, and can therefore be used for parties, weddings, meetings, a bed and breakfast, etc. The site also contains a coach house, garden house and orchard.

Oudewater, price on request

Then get away from the classic atmospheres: sleek industrial living in an old rope factory. You may recognize the Oude Ketelhuis, because it is regularly used as a backdrop for photo shoots and commercials. Large open spaces, lots of glass, black metal and references to the history of the building everywhere.

You live in the old factory hall, enter through the old machine room and you can easily find visitors thanks to the 40 meter high chimney on your roof. Despite the fact that it is an old building, the energy supply is brand new, because the house is equipped with, among other things, a heat pump, solar collectors and solar panels.

Maastricht, 1,900,000

When you pass this building, you do not immediately think of a residential house. In this former church you can live in a very spacious apartment (667 m2). Dome ceilings and religious murals go hand in hand with ultramodern architecture. You can hardly believe your eyes when you see it inside.

For a small 2 million you become the owner of the villa that has been created in the church, but if desired, you can also buy the entire church, including the part that is rented out to a laboratory for business purposes.

Utrecht, 1,295,000 euros

To stay in the atmosphere of churches: in the heart of Utrecht we spot this special habitable church. Ultra-sleek: one room stark white and the other pitch black. Including the original pipe organ (still working) and stained glass windows, that is.

And despite its location in the historic center of Utrecht, this is no small house: you get 256 m2 of living space, plus a roof terrace and passenger lift.

Beynac la Côte, 795,000 euros

Then a small trip abroad, because there is Chateau Marillaux for sale, better known as Chateau Meiland from the series of the same name.

Don’t be misled by ‘new on Funda’, because the castle has been for sale since June 2020 and has been reduced in price several times (first asking price: 1.25 million euros). For that you get 950 m2 of living space and 18 bedrooms, plus a swimming pool and library. It is not known whether you will also get the wines with it.

Enkhuizen, 330,000 euros

Small but nice: for more than three tons you are the owner of this characteristic building in Enkhuizen. Only 77 m2 in size, but the house has recently been completely modernized and still contains many authentic moldings and ornaments for the enthusiast.

Marken, 325,000 euros

This classic house in Marken proves that a special house does not have to be expensive. For a good three tons you get 117 m2 of living pleasure in the middle of the old village. It requires some refurbishment – ​​unless you like purple baths – but you get an unobstructed view over the meadows in return.

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