These are the 25 most popular employers in Germany

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Those who are motivated deliver better results on the job. Therefore, employees like companies that offer space for development and good working conditions. The corona crisis with its special conditions has made these demands even more difficult for many.

The US job platform Glassdoor has now determined the most popular employers in 2021. The internet platform is a job and career community on which employers also maintain a profile and present themselves to potential interested parties. The ranking of the most popular employers is created annually solely on the basis of anonymous and voluntary evaluations of employees.

The top 3 in terms of employee satisfaction are the pharmaceutical company Roche (1st place), software giant Google (2nd place) and the sporting goods manufacturer Puma (3rd place). In 2020, Porsche (now 10th place), Infineon Technologies (now 16th place) and Robert Bosch (now 13th place) won. The complete list of the 25 most popular employers in 2021 can be found at the end of the article in our picture gallery.

The 25 most popular employers in Germany convinced employees as employers, but also as companies. In 2021, the technology, healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceutical, retail and industrial sectors will be represented. With Roche and Siemens Healthineers, two companies from the health, biotech and pharmaceuticals sectors are among the top ten for the first time.

Increased importance of health and well-being in companies

In voluntary and anonymous judgments, employees praised flexible work arrangements, home office options, further training options, support for the private life situation or a diverse corporate culture of their employers – but also yoga and massages.

New among the top 25 employers in this country are the Swedish furniture store chain Ikea (21st place), auditor PWC (18th place), IT service provider Adesso (17th place) and the Mainz hearing aid consultancy Audibene (23rd place). Glassdoor has already honored 20 of those represented in the ranking in the past four years.

In the Corona year, Roche and Siemens Healthineers, two employers from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, are among the top 10. “Covid-19 also controls the job market and has a major impact on all employers,” says Christian Sutherland-Wong, CEO of Glassdoor , and stressed employers’ efforts to find challenges and support at unusual times. “This year we are also seeing employers who have placed particular focus on the health, safety and well-being of their employees.”

Of the German companies in the automotive industry, Volkswagen stands out as the best in the ranking in 2021. Daimler, still in 6th place in 2020, fell to 22nd place. Porsche lost its top position, Audi (20th place) is back in the ranking for the first time since 2019.

In Germany, Glassdoor has identified the 25 most popular employers of the year for the sixth time. Internationally, the award is being presented for the 13th time, not only in Germany but also in the USA, Great Britain, France and Canada. The winners of the ranking in all five countries include the IT companies Google and Salesforce. The SAP competitor is in the top 25 everywhere.

“Would you recommend the company to a friend?” The method behind the reviews

Companies cannot apply for the award themselves through Glassdoor’s annual survey. Eight evaluation criteria were included in the ranking: career opportunities, remuneration and additional benefits, culture and values, management level, work-life balance, the business forecast. Employees can rate their company on a 5-point rating scale. Companies also had to be measured by whether their employees would recommend them to a friend.

In 2021, employees from more than 1.3 million employers in five countries cast their votes anonymously on Glassdoor. For Germany, an awards algorithm determined the ranking winners from employee reviews between October 2019 and October 2020. During this time, companies had to receive at least 20 reviews from employees for the eight attributes. Factors like quality, quantity, and consistency also played a role. Average overall rating: 3.5 points.

These 25 employers are rated the best by their employees


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