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These are the 5 favorite podcasts from… Bas Menting

There are podcasts to choose from. To guide you through, mediaplatform lets a media person select his or her favorite podcasts every week. With today: the five favorites of radio DJ Bas Menting.

Bas Menting is currently making the evening show together with Mart Meijer from Monday to Thursday at 538 between 9 p.m. and midnight. In addition, he is also involved in podcast production – also with Mart Still in me for the scientific journal Quest. In it they try to discover whether you are completely satisfied on the basis of twelve experiments nothing can think.

Menting’s 5 favorites are:

1. Before the show at Toomler

This is the podcast of comedy club Toomler. Comedians Rayen Panday and Stefan Pop take you through their own stories from the past week, looking for comedy in everyday life. I find it really inspiring to hear how humor can be found in very normal things, things that you and I also experience. The only difference between you and me and the comedians is that they can interpret it. The podcast really teaches me to look at situations differently and that helps me to broadcast stories on the radio. Regularly fellow comedians join. Insane podcast, not even a minute of it.

2. The Fire in the Mansion

A bit cliché to put this in the list, but I continue to find Simon Heijmans’ quest so indescribably beautiful. The story is absurd, his tension arcs are good, the music of Amir Vahidi fits in perfectly with the story and a standing ovation is in order for the choice of words. And perhaps it helps that I grew up a stone’s throw from Vught, where the story took place.

3. Reply all: The case of the missing hit

This is mainly about one specific episode: number 158. It is about a man from California with a musical disability. He’s been walking with the lyrics and melody of a song in his head for years, but the actual song seems to have disappeared. Searching for the lyrics gives no result and there doesn’t seem to be a pop connoisseur who has ever heard of the song. Purely based on memory, they try, together with a band, to make a reconstruction of the song. With that, they make another attempt to find a trace of the song …

4. Bob

Perhaps already belongs to ‘mainstream’, but not without reason. The podcast about the demented woman who can’t stop talking about a childhood sweetheart. The creators of the podcast are looking for someone whose existence is not certain, how do you start ?! The production, editing and text are very well done.

Long story short

The NOS has recently started producing short podcasts about current affairs. I always try to follow news, but sometimes I am so immersed in a specific project for a few days that I don’t get anything from the world. The short podcasts are really a godsend, because: never look like a fool to colleagues again. There is a new episode every day; those few minutes of my day are well spent.

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These are the 5 favorite podcasts from… Bas Menting


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