These are the 6 new status symbols for the super-rich

The pandemic has created new status symbols.

The pandemic has created new status symbols.

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The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a new era of status symbols.

When the super-rich have nowhere to go with their luxury handbag and have closed their overpriced gyms, they find other ways to display their wealth. At a time when the pandemic has made them feel inviolable, they are taking control. They raise the current status symbols and create new luxuries for a classier pandemic experience.

Like the rest of the world, their sense of security has diminished. However, the easier access to tests shows that they have more health benefits. For example, they hire private general practitioners or live in luxury facilities where tests are part of the service.

Sitting out the pandemic in a vacation home, on an estate or in another country means that your quarantine is far more luxurious than that of any other person in the world.

These six new status symbols amid the coronavirus pandemic show the big differences between rich and poor in the United States:

The pandemic is not the same for everyone – the crisis reveals 6 new status symbols for the super-rich

This article was published by in October 2020. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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