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These are the best backpacks for the office

Annie Spratt

Laptop, water bottle, breakfast, lunch and maybe a book for the tram – those who work in the office carry a lot of stuff around with them. And because it neither looks professional nor is particularly back-friendly to carry all of this in tote bags from the supermarket, it is a good idea to invest a few euros in a backpack.

But before that, many have scruples because backpacks are often associated with middle school rather than with the office – completely wrongly. Because manufacturers like Herschel * or Fjällräven * deliver practical bags for everything you need in your professional life. And you are guaranteed not to be looked at by the boss incorrectly.

Quite apart from that, people who sit a lot should be careful to protect their backs as much as possible. Backpacks help here, as they distribute the weight of all office luggage evenly over both shoulders and thus prevent problems caused by one-sided strain or relieving postures. Which models can we particularly recommend?

The best backpacks for the office:

The Little America Backpack from Herschel

Little America Backpack by Herschel (black) – 69.93 euros at Amazon *

It almost seems like everyone has a backpack from Herschel Supply Co. *. But there is a good reason for that. The bags from the Canadian company are classic, high quality and practical. The Little America * model is no exception. Not only is it big enough for everything you need on a long day, but it’s also very changeable. It goes just as well with a suit and shirt as it does with jeans and a T-shirt. That makes the Little America Backpack * the winner in the overall standings. There are also features such as the padding, the laptop compartment, the front pocket with zipper and key clip and the very large main compartment, which offers more than enough space for everyday items. Oh yes, and did we already mention that the model is available in a wide variety of colors and designs, from simple black to colorful tropical prints? Not only we like that, but also the users of Amazon *, who rated the backpack with 4.3 stars.

The Little America Backpack by Herschel at a glance:

advantages: large, robust, good padding, laptop compartment, design
disadvantage: not waterproof

The Icon Lite from Incase

Icon Lite by Incase (black) – 100.43 euros at Amazon *

The backpack for work can’t be big enough because after the office you still have to go to the gym or do yoga? Or do you have different documents that you have to take with you to the home office that must not get mixed up? Then the Incase Icon Lite Backpack * is made for you. It has countless padded pockets and compartments with which files, technology and food or drinks can be stowed away separately. The simple, if somewhat unexciting design speaks in favor of this bag. The Icon Lite * fulfills all the requirements for a backpack. Features such as the extra thick padded shoulder straps ensure comfort.

The Icon Lite from Incase at a glance:

advantages: lots of storage space, upholstery, simple design, also available in other sizes
disadvantage: a bit bulky, could have too much storage space for many

Fjällräven Kanken laptop backpack

Fjällräven Kanken laptop backpack – 109.95 euros at About You *

A lot of things are going pretty well in Sweden, but the Scandinavian country has not necessarily been blessed with good weather. But maybe that’s why the Swedes were able to develop the best weatherproof backpack. We’re talking about Fjällräven Kanken *, which was designed for hikes along the Swedish high coast. The backpack, which has now achieved cult status, is dirt and waterproof and also very comfortable. It is also equipped with a compartment for a laptop or tablet and is large enough for everything that has to go to the office in the morning. But be careful: some Amazon * users warn against counterfeits. That’s why it’s best to buy the model from retailers you trust.

Fjällräven Kanken at a glance:

advantages: weatherproof, cult item, timeless design
disadvantage: fewer different storage spaces, is often faked

The Kopack Slim Business Backpack

Kopack Slim Business Backpack – 32.99 euros at Amazon *

If you carry a lot of equipment with you, you probably know the fear of pickpockets. This is where the Slim Business Backpack from Kopack * comes into play. It is perfect for techies who are concerned about their expensive gadgets as it has various anti-theft devices. It is also water-repellent, so that it also protects the contents from rain. Another advantage: the Kopack * backpack can be connected to a mobile power bank so that you can charge your smartphone or tablet via the USB port while you are on the move. The 17 different compartments and pockets as well as the comfortable padding are also very functional. With well over 2,000 reviews there are a proud 4.6 stars on Amazon *.

The Kopack Slim Business Backpack at a glance:

advantages: theft-proof, waterproof, USB port, many compartments and pockets
disadvantage: bulky, power bank not included

Kapten & Son backpack

Goteborg backpack by Kapten & Son – 119.00 euros at About You *

If you are looking for a timeless design that doesn’t look too sporty, we can recommend the Goteborg backpack from Kapten & Son *. This backpack is not only suitable for the office, but also for university and city trips when a little more storage space is required. The backpack has a cell phone compartment, several zippered compartments, numerous storage options and a padded back.

The Goteborg backpack from Kapten & Son at a glance:

advantages: elegant design, several compartments, cell phone pocket, padded back
disadvantage: a bit expensive, may not be waterproof

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