These are the most dangerous professions in the Netherlands

This is evident from new figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Work is in any case considered dangerous if you run the risk of falling from a height, slipping, cutting, stabbing, getting trapped, colliding, an accident with hazardous substances, violence, burning, suffocation.

Chefs at the top

The survey shows that of all professional groups, cooks are the most likely to indicate that they often or always do dangerous work. This is followed by truck drivers and process operators (these are people who are responsible for production processes in factories).

Generally speaking, it is mainly technical professions or jobs in transport and logistics that are seen as dangerous. The police and fire brigade are also – not surprisingly – high on the list.

10 times more dangerous

People who indicate that they regularly have to deal with dangerous situations are also much more likely to be victims of an industrial accident. Of the people who never do dangerous work, only one in a hundred had an industrial accident in 2020.

This was 9.3 percent among people with a dangerous occupation. 4.5 percent of employees who always do dangerous work were even victims of an accident that required them to stay at home (or in the hospital) for at least one day.

Women are much less likely to do dangerous work than men. 17.5 percent of men are at risk day in and day out, only 7.7 percent of women.

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