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Over the years, the VRIJ editors have tested dozens of hotels. Special, crazy, tough, but of course also romantic. To dream away, these are the most romantic hotels our editors have ever slept in, for on the next Valentine’s to-do list (or just once, of course)!

Villa Fourteen, Animals

A fireplace is featured in many romantic films. This is also the case in the hotel room that we tested in Villa Veertien in Dieren. Together with the large comfortable sofa in front and a wide view outside, it guarantees a wonderful evening!

Cipriani in Venice

Many proposals were made in Cipriani in Venice, with the ring in a glass Bellini illuminated below. Some guests return years after a romantic proposal to show their love baby. If you’re lucky, your regular customer will spot George Clooney. Although it is already taken, unfortunately.

Hotel Pincoffs, Rotterdam

The design fireplace in the decently furnished communal living room of Hotel Pincoffs does it, although it also contributes to the fact that these hotels have a room that they themselves call the “Romantic Room”. And viewing the Rotterdam skyline while enjoying a glass of wine is of course also very romantic!

Buitengoed De Gaard, Limburg

The Buitengoed De Gaard estate is teeming with hearts, the logo of the location. There is even a heart-shaped cake in the fridge upon arrival. If that’s not love!

Château de la Groirie in Le Mans

A castle in a fairytale environment. Château de la Groirie is surrounded by an English-style park, rose gardens and attractive waters. It is therefore not surprising that this romantic place is also offered as a wedding location!

Vista Alegre Ílhavo in Portugal

Behind the balcony doors of the bridal suite is a real chapel. The cool air in combination with the benches and the altar bring you into a church atmosphere. No surprise that in Vista Alegre Ílhavo you can get married. Because of the beautiful light that streams in through the stained-glass windows, we cannot imagine a more romantic place.

Stella Suites in Goirle

This house was once bought out of love, that of businessman Frits van Puijenbroek for his Stella. He bought this Jugenstil villa especially for his Great Love. His infatuation is honored throughout the hotel, in an infectious way. That makes Stella Suites very suitable for a happy Valentine’s Day.

Altstadt Vienna in Vienna

A red carpet, ‘gifts’ such as free CDs (!) With classical music, Viennese waffles, chocolate: Hotel Altstadt in Vienna does everything it can to give that feeling of love an extra boost. The bright red headboard of the bed goes a step further.


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