These are the new series and films in June

Watch films and series – on notebooks, on TV and via app on smartphones and tablets as well as on game consoles. Netflix makes that possible. The American video-on-demand provider is best known for its successful in-house productions. Whether films or series: many of the productions have already won international awards.

What does Netflix cost?

The Netflix offer starts at less than 10 euros per month. If you subscribe to, you can try out everything the streaming service has to offer for 30 days free of charge. A trial month makes it possible. The user only has to pay from the second month of use. And he has the choice between three models that currently cost between 8 and 16 euros a month. The monthly fee may differ from the standard.

Netflix baseNetflix standardNetflix Premium
monthly fee7.99 euros11.99 euros15.99 euros
HD contentNoYesYes
Ultra HD content (4K)NoNoYes
simultaneous use on devices12nd4th
Minimum contract period1 month1 month1 month
order noworder noworder now

The important thing is: If you want to use high-resolution content from Netflix, you must have the right hardware. For example, via a 4K-capable television. For use on smartphones and tablets, it is recommended to use the appropriate Netflix app. The DVD subscription available in the USA, with which Netflix once grew up, is not available in Germany.

Paying the highest price for a subscription to the streaming provider is only worthwhile if the consumption of particularly high-resolution content is preferred or if up to four devices within a family are to access the Netflix series and films in parallel. Viewing and comparing prices is especially worthwhile for all non-single households. the Netflix app now

Watch new films and series offline

One of the biggest advantages: If you take out a Netflix subscription, you can not only stream films, the current season of your favorite series and new documentaries in most cases, but also download them and watch them offline.

It is therefore not absolutely necessary to use an existing internet connection. The Netflix highlights are also available offline on a plane or on the train or, if necessary, on the beach on a lonely South Sea island. They only have to be loaded onto the smartphone, tablet or notebook and accessed via the app. By the way, there is no advertising at Netflix.

Stream Netflix films and series: Observe bandwidth requirements

Incidentally, anyone who uses Netflix via the Internet stream may have to expect restrictions abroad. Because not all titles are available for use worldwide. Netflix itself recommends a download bandwidth of at least 1.5 Mbit / s for smooth streaming of content in SD quality. More bandwidth is necessary if the resolution is to exceed the moderate but often sufficient SD quality on mobile phones. For HD content, Netflix recommends at least 5 Mbps downstream. And if it is Ultra HD content, even 25 Mbit / s are necessary for a smooth stream.

An overview of the latest news from Netflix

“Space Force” – Season 1

“Space Force” is a funny thing. Steve Carell is at the forefront of Greg Daniel’s comedy series. Goal: To create a space army as a new force for the US military. It starts with “Space Force” from May 29th.

“Dead Girls Don’t Lie” – Season 4

The original series of the American video-on-demand portal “Dead girls don’t lie” is already beginning its fourth season. New episodes will continue from June 5th. Shortly before graduation, Clay and his friends need to be on guard constantly, as the secrets of their past threaten their future.

“The Politician” – Season 2

The second season of “The Politician” is a bit funnier and can be seen from June 19th. Wrong play, a love triangle and a “one-subject candidate” ensure that the Senate election campaign that Payton is determined to win is really dirty. Laughers are guaranteed in this series.

“The Sinner: Jamie” – Season 2

Would you like some tension? Then look forward to the second season of “The Sinner: Jamie”. It also starts on June 19. Synopsis: Detective Harry Ambrose’s investigation into a gruesome traffic accident is one of the most complicated and dangerous cases in his career.

“Dark” – Season 3

Good series from Germany are pretty scarce with video-on-demand services. All the more gratifying was and is what you could experience with “Dark” on Netflix. And now the story is being finished – with the final third season; from June 27th.

The creators of the series promise: “The knots in the minds of the audience are untangled by all levels of narration. While the first two seasons deconstruct the concept of time, the end of the trilogy adds the dimension of space. ”Jonas is brought into a parallel world that appears to be a distorted reflection of winds.

As he tries to understand the connection between this world and his own fate, the other characters from his original world strive to cut through the endless cycle of events that keeps them imprisoned. At the center of the story about two worlds. A tragic love story of epic proportions stands above light and shadow.

And also outside of Netflix’s own productions, you can look forward to a few series restarts. For example, the tenth season of “Modern Family” (from June 20). Or the seventh season of “New Girl” (from June 9). Also new are season 4 of the animation series “Rick and Morty” (from June 17th) or the complete series “24” (from June 24th).

Overview of new series at Netflix

titleSeasonAvailable fromRemarks
Dorohedoro128th of MayNetflix original anime
intuition128th of MayNetflix original series
Space force1May 29thNetflix original series
Queen of the South4thMay 29th
Bad banks2ndJune 1st
Gotham5June 1st
Fuller HouseLast episodes2th of JuneNetflix original series
Hospital playlist1June 4thNetflix original series
M’entends-tu?1June 4thNetflix original series
Queer Eye5June 5thNetflix original series
Dead girls don’t lie4thJune 5thNetflix original series
New girl7June 9th
Reality Z1June 10thNetflix original series
The grave in the forest112th of JuneNetflix original series
F is for family4th12th of JuneNetflix original series
Criminal case: the search112th of JuneNetflix original series
The King: Eternal Monarch1June 13thNetflix original series
Marcella3rd14th JuneNetflix original series
The Blacklist714th June
Mr. Iglesias: part 22nd17th of JuneNetflix original series
Rick to Morty4A17th of June
The Order2nd18th of JuneNetflix original series
Most Beautiful Thing2ndJune 19Netflix original series
The Politician2ndJune 19Netflix original series
The Sinner: Jamie2ndJune 19Netflix original series
Modern family10th20th June
24thall seasonsJune 24th
live and love1June 26thNetflix original series
Dark3rdJune 27thNetflix original series
It’s Okay to Not Be Okay1JuneNetflix original series
Blood & Water1May 2020Netflix original series
The Umbrella Academy2ndJuly 31Netflix original series
Atiye: The Gift2ndSeptember 2020Netflix original series
Biohackers12020Netflix original series
How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)2nd2020Netflix original series
Stranger Things4th2020Netflix original series
Angry Birds – the series12021Netflix original series
Atiye: The Gift3rd2021Netflix original series
Fatma12021Netflix original series
Hot skull12021Netflix original series
If only12021Netflix original series
Lost in Space – lost between strange worlds3rd2021Netflix original series

Overview of new films at Netflix

titleAvailable fromRemarks
I’m No Longer HereMay 27thNetflix Original Film
Late Night – The show of a lifetimeMay 29th
Angels of DeathJune 1st
ChappieJune 1stnot available in Switzerland
Planet of the Apes: SurvivalJune 1st
Paranormal Activity: The DrawnJune 1stnot available in Switzerland
Choked: Paisa Bolta HaiJune 5thNetflix Original Film
The Last Days of American CrimeJune 5thNetflix Original Film
A Star Is BornJune 7th
Since 5 Bloods12th of JuneNetflix Original Film
A rising tideJune 16
Hotel Transylvania 3 – A monster vacationJune 16
Feel the beatJune 19Netflix Original Film
Stray bulletJune 19Netflix Original Film
Yarina Tek BiletJune 19Netflix Original Film
Wasp NetworkJune 19Netflix Original Film
Stay AliveJune 22
Nobody Knows I’m HereJune 24thNetflix Original Film
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire SagaJune 26thNetflix Original Film
Hearts beat loudlyJune 29th
Loro – The seducedJune 29th
AdúJune 30thNetflix Original Film
One takeJuneNetflix Original Film

How can I cancel Netflix?

Canceling your Netflix subscription is easy. Via the customer area on the Netflix homepage, you can cancel Netflix with two clicks.

How can I use Netflix on Sky Q?

Anyone who is a Sky customer and uses a Sky Q receiver can also use Netflix through it. The Sky Entertainment Plus Package is a prerequisite for this. In addition to the Sky series, this offer also shows the content of Netflix in HD. The basis is the standard package. This means that content in HD quality can be used on up to two devices at the same time. Sky Entertainment Plus with Netflix access is available from € 16.49 per month.

Sky logo

Share Netflix account – is that allowed?

Since Netflix allows the possibility of viewing content on two or even four devices, depending on the subscription model, the temptation to share a subscription is of course obvious. Of course, this is not strictly intended, but in the GTC of the streaming provider sharing access is not categorically excluded, at least in the closest family circle – as long as the user stores his access data personally on a device.

The handing over of personal user data to third parties is not permitted. Netflix requires that the account holder always have control over the devices on which their Netflix account runs. It is expressly not allowed to share a Netflix subscription and the costs involved.

Pay Netflix with a voucher

If you don’t want to pay for your subscription yourself, you can also use gift cards. They are available online, for example, from Amazon and in retail stores. The purchased or gifted credit can be booked to your own account via the Netflix homepage. The credit on a Netflix voucher is valid indefinitely.

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