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These are the popular baby names for the coming year

Tess and Sem seem to be the hottest baby names of 2021. Many baby names will be short, cool and very Dutch next year.

At least that is the prediction of the independent information platform The website is based on user analysis.

The baby names of 2021


• 1 Tess
• 2 Sophie
• 3 Emma
• 4 Mila
• 5 Julia
• 6 Yara
• 7 Zoe
• 8 Nora / Noor
• 9 Sara
• 10 Lotte


• 1 Sem
• 2 Noah
• 3 Lucas
• 4 Zane
• 5 Liam
• 6 Luuk
• 7 Finn
• 8 Levi
• 9 Titmouse
• 10 Bram

Much searched for Frisian baby names

Baby names will be tough and short for both boys and girls next year. Unisex names – names that can be given to either a boy or a girl – are also gaining in popularity. These are seen as extra tough by many parents. Names such as Jan and Mees are becoming increasingly popular. The traditional Dutch names are particularly popular outside the Randstad. Readers of the baby site have recently searched remarkably often for Frisian girls’ names. This may mean that in 2021 there will be more Frisian influences in the most popular baby names.

A picture of a sleeping baby

To arrive at the prediction, has analyzed the behavior of visitors. For example, searches were looked at within the site’s special Babynament tool and on Google. In addition, the forum and the app of the platform looked at which names parents gave their babies in the past six months. Based on this, a prediction has been made of the names that will become the most popular next year.

Search baby names

In the Babynament Tool of 24Baby, expectant parents of more than 3,500 baby names can find the origin and meaning. You can also find how often a name occurs in the Netherlands. The “Surprise me” button gives you a random name. This way you will also find names that you might not think of yourself. The tool is used more than a million times every month.

Erik, the mighty one

Metro’s reporter naturally wanted to know about his name. Last year, 25 boys in the Netherlands were named Erik, good for a 554th place in popularity. The name has an origin in Friesland and spread through Scandinavia across the rest of Europe. And the meaning? Mighty, sublime. The second part of the name comes from “rich”, which means “mighty”. The first part could derive from “honor”, so “honor, fame”. Here you can view your own name.

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These are the popular baby names for the coming year


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