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These are the winners of LEGO Masters 2020

Jan and Lola have the RTL show on Saturday evening LEGO Masters won. The Dutch couple won 25,000 euros and a trip to Denmark to visit the amusement park Legoland.

The former spouses – and thanks to their participation in the program nowadays good friends – defeated the Flemish duo Björn and Corneel and the Dutch Martijn and Jos in the final.

Jan and Lola win lego masters
Jan and Lola have won the final of LEGO Masters. Photo: RTL4

1.4 million viewers and a second season

The TV program recently attracted many viewers. 1.4 million people watched the semi-finals last week. The view was very popular with many viewers.

And many Twitterers have a pressing question about the winning duo:

A second season of the LEGO Masters program is coming. You can register here.

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These are the winners of LEGO Masters 2020


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