These BMW rims cost a fortune

Rarity alert on eBay! A very special wheelset is currently being offered for sale on the auction platform. The four rims come from a BMW M1 and are practically nowhere to be found. That also explains the hefty price!

Rare BMW M1 wheelset on eBay

Four real BMW M1 rims including the original Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires are offered, which, however, are no longer usable after more than 40 years. Since the ad description is more than poor, one can only guess where the wheels come from. In fact, this is a very rare opportunity.

After all, BMW only built 453 examples (including 54 racing versions) of the M1 between 1978 and 1981. To this day, the M1 designed by Giorgio Giugiaro, which bears the internal abbreviation E26, is the only real super sports car from Munich that is still waiting for a successor 40 years after the end of production.


To this day, the M1 is one of the most legendary BMWs ever. The rim design is characteristic.

Developed together with Lamborghini

The development of the mid-engine sports car took place in close cooperation with Lamborghini and originally the plan was to also manufacture the M1 in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, but when problems arose, the decision was made in Munich to build the first vehicle designed by BMW Motorsport GmbH to be handcrafted by Baur.

Today the M1 is a legend and that is not only due to the unmistakable wedge optics with pop-up headlights, but also to the engine. Under the body is a 3.5-liter straight-six (M88) with overhead camshafts. The performance? 277 hp and 330 Nm maximum torque. Since the M1 only weighs 1430 kilos, the driving performance is still impressive today. It does the sprint to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds and BMW once specified the top speed as 262 km/h.

That’s how valuable a BMW M1 is

Sure, many modern BMWs are faster, but the M1 is at the forefront in one discipline: the price! While a few years ago there were still used copies for 200,000 to 300,000 euros, today practically nothing goes for less than half a million euros – provided one of the few owners wants to part with it at all.

There are also no upper price limits! Just a few months ago, Mechatronik offered a white BMW M1 with just 2700 kilometers for 798,900 euros, which has since been sold. Even more extreme: The Andy Warhol “M1 Art Car” is probably the most valuable BMW of all time.

eBay vintage BMW M1 tires

The rims need some love and should be restored. The original tires are no longer usable.

Back to the rims – the wheel set is original but needs some love. The future owner should definitely have the characteristic rims refurbished and, if the wheels are fitted to the car, also plan four new tires.

The four rims cost more than a Dacia Duster

If an M1 owner is actually looking for original rims or a replacement wheel set, this is the opportunity. Alternatively, the rims are certainly also good as decoration. However, that would be a fairly expensive decoration, because the seller wants the equivalent of almost 18,700 euros for the M1 wheels – more than for a brand new Dacia Duster (from 14,550 euros) to be called. Since the offer is listed in Florida, there are around 950 euros for shipping on top of that. A rare, but also very expensive, opportunity.

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