These Budget Day plans have already been leaked: billions for climate and housing

Every year, on Budget Day, the third Tuesday in September, the Ministry of Finance presents the government’s housekeeping book for the following year. The national budget states, down to the comma, how much money goes to education, road construction and the salaries of civil servants.

Leaked plans

More than half of government expenditure is fixed in advance, such as money for benefits and health care. For the other half, the choice is up to the cabinet. These choices are justified in the Budget Memorandum. A lot has leaked out in recent weeks.

An important caveat is that we do not yet know the exact details of the plans, such as where the extra money will come from. And bad news, such as possible budget cuts, usually remains a secret until Prinsjesdag.

Because the current cabinet is resigned, freedom of choice is limited this year, explains political reporter Roel Schreinemachers. Nevertheless, the government had to book certain large expenditures.

Reducing CO2 emissions: 6 billion

Such as the more than 6 billion euros extra, intended to reduce CO2 emissions. Action is needed because of the verdict from the Urgenda lawsuit. It concerns subsidies to make houses more sustainable and to make the vehicle fleet greener.

There is also a section for business. For example, there is 700 million euros for hydrogen projects and 600 million for stimulating electric transport.

Building extra homes: 1 billion

The housing market is another dossier in which there is apparently so much haste that people do not wait with extra money for the new cabinet. Spread over 10 years, 1 billion extra will go to building extra homes, reports NRC Handelsblad.

Fighting crime: 400 million

And after the murder of Peter R. de Vries, an extra 400 million will go to fighting organized crime. The money is intended, among other things, for extra community police officers and to prevent of subversive crime.

Catching up tech industry: 300 million

In order to allow the Dutch tech industry to catch up, there will be another 300 million euros in subsidies this year. These are intended for new techniques and services in the chip and cloud sector, writes De Telegraaf.

Additional ammunition: 100 million

The military is also not left out in the advertising presents prior to the complete picture of the budget. Defense will receive an extra 100 million next year, including for ammunition, reports De Limburger newspaper.

Purchasing power repair: 200 million

And last but certainly not the least important: the cabinet is spending 200 million euros on so-called purchasing power repairs. By the way, a lot of sod does not help that amount.

Because wages will only rise moderately and inflation will continue to rise, an average household will increase by 0.1 percent in purchasing power next year. That is stated in the final Macro Economic Outlook of the Central Planning Bureau (CPB), our political editors discovered.

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