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these celebrities will be hunted (from tomorrow)

From tomorrow a new season starts Hunted, the program in which people try to stay out of the hands of an investigation team. But this time it is a VIPS version: so celebrities are hunted. Dennis Weening and Klaas van der Eerden and Kim Feenstra and Birgit Schuurman will participate. It all happens in pairs, so they still have each other to try and make it.

They have to outsmart the ‘hunters’ aka the investigation team. Usually unknown Dutch people participate in the program, this time they are well-known. Is it useful if everyone knows who you are, or not? Who knows, you might get help faster, but you will also be more in the spotlight.

‘Can go to many places’

A total of four duos participate Hunted. In addition to the aforementioned duos, Fajah and Irem Lourens and Bilal Wahid Oussama Ahammoud are also present. Fajah, who is on the run with her daughter, doesn’t really have a plan. “It seems special to me to feel what it is like to be on the run. I think it is fun and exciting at the same time. We’re just going to have fun. ” Daughter Irem: “I think our tactic is that we actually have no tactics. We are just going to see it and we are going to see where we are stranded and what we are going to do. ”

The two gentlemen do have a plan (and a head start): „We have good connections throughout the country, but I just don’t know where I will be placed. I even know people on the Wadden Islands, in Groningen too, and in Maastricht we can always go somewhere. ” One downside: the many cameras in the country. One of the celebrity duos can really kill that.

Dennis and Klaas na Hunted: ‘You don’t envy fugitives’

“You do not envy people who take the criminal path and then have to flee,” Weening and Van der Eerden conclude after their participation in Hunted VIPS. “You have stress all day long,” Dennis tells it

“You see how many cameras are on the street, and everyone who looks at you thinks ‘they will betray me’. That paranoia is really intense ”, Weening looks back on the week that he traveled through the Netherlands together with Van der Eerden as a fugitive.

As a team they were “very structured and very chaotic”, says Van der Eerden. “I think I am a bit more concerned with tactics, that I look a step further, but I dare less. And Dennis dares more so that more can be arranged. ”

Hunted shows what the investigation services can access. “They have new techniques every season. And what they have done with our computers and social media, they have taken over everything. When we were done, I had to readjust everything. I couldn’t even use my credit card anymore. They really do that, not for the show, ”says Van der Eerden.

Look? This is possible from tomorrow, at NPO 3 at 8.30 pm.

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Hunted: these celebrities are being hunted (from tomorrow)


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