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These cleaning mistakes make your home dirtier

Once in a while, nothing is better than cleaning the whole house thoroughly. When spring begins, for example. It takes some effort, but before you know it, your home will be fresh and fruity again. At least, you think so.

If you make one of these mistakes when cleaning, you will make your house dirtier. And then you can start again …

Dirty mistakes in cleaning

There are mistakes we may all make with cleaning. That will only make it worse. Avoid mistakes below.

Use the same cloth for the whole house. Of course, you can rinse the cloth in a bucket of soapy water, but if you use the same cloth for the entire house, you will still spread the dirt from the previous surface to any surface you touch afterwards.

That means that the bacteria from the bathroom will be wiped off on the kitchen table or on the coffee table in the living room… So it is best to use different wipes for each area of ​​the house. Then throw the cloth in the wash to make all the dirt disappear.

Using a feather duster. While advertisements will promise otherwise, feather dusters keep dust and dirt out. It is much better to opt for a microfiber cloth.

A photo of a woman vacuuming

Dirt blown back into the house

Do not clean the vacuum cleaner. There is a good chance that you will replace the vacuum cleaner bag every now and then, but do you sometimes clean the filter of the vacuum cleaner? That is important. If you don’t, it will not only make your vacuum cleaner work less well, but it will also blow the dirt back into the house.

Put kitchen utensils in the dishwasher. Do you ever put kitchen tools such as a garlic press or cheese grater in the dishwasher? It may seem like it gets clean after a wash, but nothing could be further from the truth. The small holes may leave residues. This can ensure that the next time you squeeze a clove of garlic, you will have some of it from the last time. It can also get moldy. Not that fresh. You better wash it by hand.

Cleaning your toilet is not always good

Put the toilet brush back in the holder immediately. If you put a toilet brush back in the holder immediately after use, the bacteria will spread in the holder. These germs are then put back into the toilet, while you actually thought you were cleaning it. The next time you use a toilet brush, let it dry before putting it back in the holder.

Spray cleaning agent directly onto something. If you spray a cleaner directly onto furniture, countertops or glass, it can cause surfaces to become sticky, causing dirt to linger more quickly. You may have guessed it: it is better to spray the detergent on a cloth and clean it.

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These cleaning mistakes make your home dirtier


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