These companies provide the BV Netherlands with a profit in the future

Shell is leaving the Netherlands. Although only with the head office, the petrochemical industry, in which Shell is a major player and which has long occupied an important place in the Netherlands, is not a growth sector. That is why we as BV Netherlands have to earn it in other ways. Fortunately, we have many sectors and companies that offer good opportunities for this.

Energy transition and sustainability, further digitization and growth of the platform economy (such as at Adyen and are driving the growth of certain sectors, experts say.

Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry in particular offers opportunities, says Albert Jan Swart, sector economist Industry & Transport and Logistics at ABN Amro. That means more people can work there.

Furthermore, labor productivity is high there, due to the use of machines and automation, he says. “That means that in principle there is also room for wage growth there, which is good for the economy. It is much more difficult to increase productivity in the service sector.”

Mechanical engineering

Machine construction in particular is growing fast, says Swart. In September, the production of all industry in the Netherlands rose by 11 percent, but mechanical engineering stood out with an increase of 61 percent.

This includes ASML, which builds machines with which major chip manufacturers such as Intel and the Taiwanese TSMC make chips. This company is pretty much a monopoly in the world and it’s growing up against the rocks. In the third quarter, sales increased by 30 percent.

But there are also many companies in the electrical engineering and metal sectors that are suppliers to ASML, says Swart. Many of these are located in North Brabant, but you also have VDL ETG, part of VDL Groep, which is located in, among other places, Almelo.

Electric charging

There are also companies in the Netherlands that are strong in the field of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, says Swart. A well-known company is charging station manufacturer Alfen, which is also listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange.

But you also have EV Box, among other things. Earlier this year, it entered into a partnership with Mercedes-Benz Trucks and the large Japanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone to expand the number of charging points in Europe.


Swart also mentions Ecotap, which supplies charging stations, also for electric buses and trucks. There are also many companies in the Netherlands that make components for charging stations, such as cables, plugs and electronic components, explains Swart.

We also have two producers of electric buses in-house, VDL and Ebusco.

Sustainability in general is a growth sector, says Maurice van Santen, senior economist at ING Bank. “Think of insulating houses, installing solar panels, removing houses from gas. That creates a lot of work for installation companies.”


He also has good expectations of the ICT sector. “In the past 20 years, it grew much faster than the Dutch economy and it is expected that this high growth will continue for a while. This is partly because companies outsource a lot and store data in the cloud,” says Van Santen.

Automation in Agriculture

Don’t forget about mechanization and automation in agriculture, says Swart. The Netherlands has traditionally been strong in agriculture and there are also many companies that help the sector to increase productivity.

Lely from Maassluis, for example, supplies milking robots and in its own words it is the world market leader. Lely also makes installations that provide cows with optimum feed and helps to set up the stables optimally. “In many countries they are still a long way from us with mechanization and automation in agriculture,” says Swart, who expects significant growth for these types of companies.

AI, quantum technology

Other Dutch industries also have good opportunities, according to a report that KPMG compiled together with TNO on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

These include companies in the field of artificial intelligence, quantum technology, the defense and aerospace industries.

Rapid growth platform economy

Let’s not forget that we also have fast growers in the service sector, says Swart. Some of them are already well-known names, such as payment services Adyen and Mollie, and Just Eat Takeaway.

These are already huge undertakings. Adyen is worth approximately 78 billion euros on the stock exchange, which is more than Heineken. Only the stock market value of ASML, Shell, Unilever and Prosus is higher. is a global superpower in hotel reservations and Just Eat Takeaway is growing fast: it expects to process 45 percent more orders this year than last year. That’s without Grubhub. With that acquisition, Just Eat Takeaway also became a major player in the US.

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