These famous ladies sought love through a TV program

Who will be Froukje’s husband?

In 2007 Froukje de Both went looking for a man in the program Who will be Froukje’s husband? Interested parties enrolled en masse and three advisers had the task of selecting the nicest gentlemen from this. Those advisers were Froukje’s girlfriend, father and makeup artist. In the end, twelve men were selected. They were allowed to stay in a special villa where they were monitored by Froukje and her advisers. One by one they were sent home and the remaining two went on holiday. She eventually chose Alexander, but it never became anything.

Who chooses Tatjana?

In 2011 the whole format was repeated, but then with Tatjana Šimić. More than a thousand men signed up for a date with the diva and it was up to Tatyana’s mother, manager and girlfriend to select the cutest men. Tatjana went on a date with several men in each episode to find out the best. Her eye eventually caught Peter’s eye. But unfortunately love never lasted.

How Do I Find A Guy?

Bridget Maasland previously looked for answers How do I become a mum in Amsterdam South? and How Do I Get Happy? and in 2010 there was also the program How Do I Find A Guy? added to. Although the presenter didn’t really start dating, she did try to improve her dating skills. She discovered how best to speed date, whether a gigolo brings real satisfaction and how far the battle between all nymphomans on the market goes.

Take Me Out

Britt Dekker’s big break. The program was broadcast from 2009 to 2013 and was hosted by Eddy Zoey. The concept was simple: a man had to sell himself to thirty ladies. The ladies all had a red button where they could push themselves out of the game. Britt Dekker stood out with her honest comments, but unfortunately she did not find a man through the program.

Together Single

In 2012 Babette van Veen was ready for a new love. In the program Together Single, in which four other ladies were also followed, she dated a lot to discuss her dates with the other women. This allowed viewers to enjoy their dates.

My Dirty, Fat, Nasty Fiancé

Laura Ponticorvo did not look for a man, but had to pretend to find one. In My Dirty, Fat, Nasty Fiancé she told her family that she was engaged to a guy’s dragon. She had no luck in love, but the program earned her huge fame and a lot of money.

Iris and the 12 dates

Serial dater Iris Hond went looking for a man in last year Iris and the 12 dates. You guessed it, she dated twelve men and was accompanied by a psychologist. He kept checking with the dates and gave her tips to become an even better date. The program did not turn her into a man in the end.

First Dates

On Valentine’s Day this year was a very special episode of First Dates broadcast. In this special, it was celebrities who were sent on a blind date. The meals of Maik de Boer, Sipke Jan Bousema, Yvonne Coldewijer and Mariska van Kolck all came to nothing, but Giel Beelen was left with a nice friend.

Most quests ended in nothing; will Gaby be lucky? You can see it from tomorrow The Bachelorette, every Wednesday at Videoland.


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