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These fantasy series will take you to another world

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  • Fantasy is a popular genre in films, series and books.
  • Fantasy series are particularly exciting because the plot can develop and develop over a longer period of time.
  • We present five fantasy series that absolutely convinced us.

The roots of the fantasy genre lie in mythology, which is why fantastic beings often appear in this type of story. Be it through dragons, the devil, witches and magicians or any monster – fantasy takes us into another world. Fantasy series are particularly popular because they are exciting, fascinating and very atmospheric. We present you our five favorite fantasy series.

Lucifer “

What is it about Bored by his life as a ruler of hell, Lucifer decides to go to Los Angeles with his demonic girlfriend Mazikeen. There he runs a night club. His desire to punish the guilty is still there, which is why he joins the LAPD as a counselor. With his partner Chloe Decker, he hunts murderers and is at the same time persecuted by his brother Amenadiel, who wants to send him back to hell. As the series progresses, Lucifer builds a bond with his therapist and we learn more and more about the complicated relationship with his parents and his motives.

Where can you watch the series?

Four of five seasons can be seen on Amazon Prime Video *

“Game of Thrones”

What is it about Summarizing the plot of “Game of Thrones” is almost impossible, because the series is so complex that you have to see it to understand what is happening. We can only tell you this much: The series takes place in a fictional medieval world in which summer and winter can last for several years. The first episode begins when a new power struggle is imminent. The main participants are the powerful noble families Stark, Lennister and Baratheon. Get ready for intrigue, murder, rape, war, and the struggle for the throne.

Where can you watch the series?

Check out all eight seasons on Sky * or Sky Ticket *


What is it about The series takes place in the Viking Age in the early Middle Ages, but does not insist on historical accuracy. The focus is on Ragnar Lodbrok and his family – especially his first wife Lagertha. The first Viking trips and the subsequent military clashes in England are discussed. You can also prepare yourself for various customs and practices (such as human sacrifice) and follow political struggles for power.

Where can you watch the series?

“The Mandalorian”

What is it about The protagonist of the series is a lone fighter who earns his money as a bounty hunter five years after the fall of the empire. He is given the task of tracking down a fifty-year-old. However, it turns out to be a child – it is of the same species as the former Jedi master Yoda. Although it violates the rules of the Bounty Hunter Guild, he decides to protect the child. This makes him a target himself.

Where can you watch the series?

You can find the first season at Disney Plus *


What is it about In a futuristic amusement park, guests can re-enact stories from the wild west using human-like robots. This includes bank robberies, gold searches or the pleasure of prostitutes. The firearms on the site have been modified so that the robots can be damaged, but the guests are not seriously injured. The storyline of the first season can be divided into three storylines at different time levels. It’s all about whether the robots have developed awareness.

Where can you watch the series?

You can see all three seasons on Sky * or Sky Ticket *


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