These fees are due when using PayPal

We explain whether and which fees are exactly incurred when using PayPal. And how you can save.

The simple and fast online payment system PayPal is also very popular in Germany. While most transactions are free for you, as a private user, there are certain activities that require fees.

No PayPal fees for online shopping for the buyer

A common question that reaches us: Are there any fees when using PayPal or is PayPal free? The question can be answered very easily: Not only is the creation and use of a PayPal account free for consumers. Even if you pay for goods or services when shopping online using PayPal, you as a consumer do not incur any fees. However, there are dealers and sellers who pass their costs for PayPal (see below) on to the customers.

There are fees for real-time debits


There are fees for real-time debits

Fee for real-time debiting of PayPal credits

If you have a credit balance with PayPal, you can transfer it back to your account in real time. With such an instant transfer, however, there is a fee of 1% of the amount, but at least EUR 0.25 and a maximum of EUR 10. The advantage: You have your money from your PayPal account in your bank account within a few minutes.

The standard direct debit is free of charge. In this case, however, it takes two to three working days until you receive the amount sent from your PayPal balance to your bank account. Note: Immediate debiting is activated by default. In order to avoid costs, you must actively switch to “Standard” when debiting.

Sending money to PayPal friends in the EU for free

There are no extra costs when sending money to family members, friends or acquaintances if the money is sent within the EU


no currency conversion takes place. Such “personal payments” are therefore free of charge, regardless of the source of payment used (existing credit, bank account, credit card, etc.).

For all other personal payments, PayPal charges a fee of 5 percent of the transaction amount, with a minimum cost of 99 cents and a maximum of 3.99 euros per transaction. The sender pays the fee and the sender is informed of the fees incurred before the payment is made.

In general, the following applies:

The recipient of the money never pays any fees for “personal payments”.

In the PayPal currency converter you can check the current exchange rate used by PayPal for transactions.

Are there PayPal fees for Google Pay payments?

You can use PayPal in conjunction with Google Pay. To do this, you need to link the PayPal account to Google Pay. You can then pay with your smartphone anywhere on the go, where contactless NFC payments with Mastercard are accepted. There are no fees for the buyer. Not even abroad!

Any bank account confirmed for the PayPal account is supported as a payment source. First, however, the PayPal credit is used up for Google Pay payments via PayPal before the bank account is debited. Credit cards stored in PayPal are not yet supported for Google Pay payments.

PayPal buyer protection: does PayPal charge fees here?

Even with PayPal payments with buyer protection, the buyer does not have to pay any fees. There are clear rules for merchants as to which products a PayPal payment with buyer protection is allowed. PayPal expressly forbids merchants in the terms of use to pass on the buyer protection fees to customers. Accordingly, customers should also pay attention and report traders who violate this rule.

Paypal sellers have to pay these fees

In principle, fees must be paid by every seller who would like to offer his customers PayPal as a payment option for the goods and services offered by him. How high these fees are depends on various factors. The Paypal Fee Calculator is a handy online tool to quickly calculate fees. Merchants can also enter the amount they want to receive after deducting all PayPal fees under “Remaining Amount”.

The fee for receiving payments is initially 2.49 percent of the amount received plus 0.35 euros per transaction. However, the sellers also have the option of registering as a dealer with PayPal and thus receiving the dealer conditions after a check by PayPal.

Monthly transaction volume

Variable fee

Fee per transaction

<2,000 euros

2.49 percent

0.35 euros

2,000.01 to 5,000 euros

2.19 percent

0.35 euros

5,000.01 to 25,000 euros

1.99 percent

0.35 euros

25,000.01 to 100,000 euros

1.79 percent

0.35 euros

> 100,000 euros

1.49 percent

0.35 euros

With a monthly transaction volume of 5,000 to 25,000 euros via the PayPal account, for example, a variable fee of 1.99 percent plus 0.35 euros per transaction will apply. With a monthly transaction volume of over 25,000 euros, the variable fee is reduced to 1.79 percent plus 0.35 euros per transaction. Further information can be found on this PayPal page under “Merchant Fees”.

For micropayments, PayPal charges a fee of 10 percent plus 10 euro cents. For donations, the fee is 1.5 percent plus 0.35 euros.

The following conditions apply to merchants who use PayPal Plus:

  • 2.49 percent + 0.35 euros: with a transaction volume of less than 5,000 euros

  • 2.09 percent + 0.35 euros: for a transaction volume between 5,001 and 25,000 euros

  • 1.79 percent + 0.35 euros: for a transaction volume of over 25,000 euros

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