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Disney associates many with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. But Disney is now much more than just an animation as a global corporation. The Marvel Studios belong to Disney, the Star Wars films come from Disney and even the group has incorporated Fox.

All of this means that the group – once founded by Walt Disney – has produced a lot of content over the years that has so far been sold to others. But that is the end: Because Disney has already pulled a lot of content from other platforms in the past weeks and months to publish it on its own platform Disney +.

Disney Plus pricing: The cost of the streaming service

If you want to subscribe to Disney +, you have several options. The simplest: you pay directly to Disney every month, so you can directly subscribe. Here you can pay by direct debit, PayPal or credit card. The cost: 6.99 euros a month. Alternatively, you can also take out an annual subscription. It costs 69.99 euros – arithmetically 5.83 euros per month. The first seven days are free of charge and you can cancel Disney + until the end of these free days.

Disney + is cheaper than Netflix, for example – also because this subscription price will include UHD / 4K / HDR and HD. Up to four simultaneous streams on different user profiles are possible. The profiles can also be set up as a children’s profile so that only child-friendly content is displayed.

Disney + free for telecom customers

If you are a customer of Telekom, you can use Disney + for three months free of charge. After that, each additional month will only cost you 5 euros. The only requirement is either a cell phone contract or a DSL contract with Telekom.

How can I see Disney +?

The variety of devices is now gigantic. This does not make it easy for new streaming providers to serve all customers equally. Disney’s streaming service can be seen on all major devices. Because both the two major platforms Apple and Google offer access with iPhone app, iPad apps, iPod touch app and Apple TV as well as Android app and Android TV app as well as Chromecast support. But Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Sony Smart TV as well as Smart TVs from LG and Samsung can also show Disney +. And: The smartphone and tablet apps offer an offline mode.

Disney + on Amazon Fire TV

On Fire TV devices, the app and content can even be found via Alexa. The following voice commands are possible using the voice remote control or an Amazon Echo coupled to Fire TV.

  • To start: “Alexa, find Disney +”
  • To start: “Alexa, open Disney +”
  • Start content: “Alexa, play [Name des Inhalts]”
  • Search content: “Alexa, find Star Wars movies”

If you have a Fire tablet, you can also download films, series or short films and watch them on the go. And you can watch a movie that you started on the Fire TV in the same place on the Fire tablet.

What’s on Disney +?

Disney has announced this year that it will produce a lot of content just for Disney Plus. There are 25 series, 10 films and other specials. However: The global pandemic of the Corona virus does not stop at Disney. Numerous productions are therefore interrupted. In addition, the start in Europe took place with reduced image quality.

It starts with over 500 films, more than 350 series and 25 exclusive originals. Including the licenses for Star Wars and Indiana Jones bought in previous years. The friends of “The Simpsons” can take long binge watching evenings: All 30 seasons are available – a total of 600 episodes. Speaking of binge watching: new series often do not come as a package, but individually and week after week.

Disney + names the series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”, “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”, “Forky has a question” and “The Imagineering Story” as well as the films “Susi and Strolch” for the Disney Originals. , “Togo: The Sled Dog” and “Timmy Flop: Failure All Along The Line”.

These titles are coming to Disney + in June

June 5th

  • Invincible – the dream of a lifetime

12th of June

  • A sheep is made of wool
  • Cars Toons: hiccups
  • Cars Toon: Hook detective agency
  • Maleficent: Powers of Darkness
  • Mighty Med – We Heal Heroes (Season 1 & 2)
  • Party Zentrale (short film with Mike and Sully)
  • The Secrets of the King’s Cobra (National Geograhic)
  • Toy Story Toons: Small portion
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 – The secret of La Fidèle
  • Jafar’s return

June 19

  • The House of 101 Dalmatians (Season 1)
  • Alaska’s Grizzly Gauntlet (Season 1)
  • Big Sur: Wild California (Season 1)
  • Birth Of Europe (Season 1)
  • Egypt’s Treasure Guardians
  • Primal Survivor (Season 1)
  • Secrets Of The Zoo (Season 1)
  • Toy Story of Terror!
  • Toy Story – May the games begin
  • United States of Animals (Season 1)
  • Unlikely Animal Friends (Season 1-3)

June 26th

  • A.N.T .: Attention natural talents (season 1-3)
  • Percy jackson under the spell of the Cyclops

These Disney + Orginals come in June

June 5th

  • SEASON FINAL -> Kitchen Heroes – Episode 11: “The Grand Finale”
  • SEASON FINAL -> The World according to Jeff Goldblum – Episode 12: “Jewelry”
  • SEASON FINAL -> encore! – Episode 12: “Ragtime • 2008 • Santa Monica, CA”
  • Disney’s Family Sunday – Episode 31: “Dalmatian Costume”
  • Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian – Episode 6: “Production”
  • A Day at Disney – Episode 27: “George Montano: Plasterer”
  • A Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer – Episode 4: “Rescue Dogs & Dog Mayors”
  • Marvel’s Hero Project – Episode 12: “High-Kick Izzy”
  • Disney Insider – Episode 6: “Artemis Adventure, Taste Of Disney, Runaway Railway” (OV title)

12th of June

  • Disney’s Family Sunday – Episode 32: “Winnie the Pooh Throwing Game”
  • Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian – Episode 7: “Music”
  • A Day At Disney – Episode 28: “Scot Drake: Creative Director Imagineering”
  • A Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer – Episode 5: “The Surfing Corgi & Bee Dogs” (OV title)
  • Marvel’s Hero Project – Episode 13: “The Rising Seamus”

June 19

  • SEASON FINAL -> Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian – Episode 8: “Connections”
  • Disney’s Family Sunday – Episode 33: “Monster AG Water Bottles”
  • A Day at Disney – Episode 29: “Candice Valdez: Radio Presenter”
  • A Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer – Episode 6: “Stunt Dogs & Water Rescue Dogs” (OV title)
  • Marvel’s Hero Project – Episode 14: “The Dynamic Daniella”

June 26th

  • “Where Nobody Was Before: The Making of ‘Frozen 2′” (All episodes)
  • Disney’s Family Sunday – Episode 34: “Seven Dwarf Cones”
  • A Day at Disney – Episode 30: “Marc Smith: Story Artist”
  • A Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer – Episode 7: “Stunt Dogs & Water Rescue Dogs” (OV title)
  • Marvel’s Hero Project – Episode 15: “The Traveling Robbie”

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