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These (indoor) plants can withstand cold and heat

The 7 following plants also find a place in the warmth and a place in half in the cold outside:

Cacti and succulents are very easy plants that do well at different temperatures in the house. If you have succulent or cactus plants in a place below 10 degrees, water them as little as possible.

The Sanseveria is a plant that is not very demanding, it can survive in both heat and cold. The water requirement does increase if you have the sanseveria by the window with the sun on it. In addition, the leaves often also get a lighter color. What is nice about the Sanseveria is that it can withstand warm dry air, and therefore heat from a radiator or a heater. Make sure you give the sanseveria a little more water.

The ivy or Hedera is especially resistant to the cold. That makes sense, because this plant often grows outdoors. In addition, it can also stand outside in a bright, warm sun, where it does well with some extra water. So putting an Hedera in a hanging pot and hanging it by the sliding door is a good option.

The Yucca or Palm Lily is a strong plant that can handle large temperature fluctuations. It is related to the cactus, so when it is colder, this plant prefers not to have as much water. This plant likes to need light, but if you place it near a window or a glass canopy, then you are in the right place!

The Kalanchoe is a good option if you want a houseplant with flowers. You can place this plant outside both indoors and during the warmer seasons. The plant is therefore not picky in terms of location. It cannot withstand temperatures below 12 degrees. So if you want a window or the door open, it shouldn’t be too cold outside.


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