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The tablet PC would probably not exist without Apple’s iPad to this day. But many iPad predecessors failed miserably. We show the unsuccessful tablet PCs of the past decades in a picture gallery.

It is still

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the measure of all things for the tablet market –

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But out of sheer enthusiasm for Apple iPad and various Android tablets, it’s easy to forget that this device category has existed since the end of the 80s, but never became a sales success until the iPad.

On the contrary, all attempts to make the tablet PC a sales success failed miserably. Some models never got beyond the prototype status, others burned a lot of money and drove their manufacturers to ruin. And the few tablet PCs that are actually sold remain niche products – for example in the medical sector or on construction sites.

The colleagues in our US sister publication

PC World
have put together the tablet PCs or tablet PC-like mini-computers that have flopped since 1989 in a picture gallery (see above). Enjoy browsing. All images are from PC World.

WeTab is missing from our gallery – but was a real thump

Incidentally, the infamous WeTab is not in our gallery. Because the tablet presented by the Berlin company Neofonie was not a predecessor of the iPad, but instead imitated it. So much so that it was initially even marketed as a wepad.

Until Neofonie suddenly changed its name to WeTab in May 2010.
However, this did not change because the WeTab completely failed. The first presentation of the Wetab failed completely because a Windows error message appeared on the tablet that is said to run Linux during the press conference.

After that, Neofonie kept postponing the start of sales.

After the then very popular Ubuntu Linux was propagated for a long time as an operating system for the Wetab, suddenly came

Meego used as an OS.
At that time, Meego was a mobile operating system developed jointly by Intel and Nokia. However, Meego has long been buried.

The WeTab was originally called Wepad. Here with


The WeTab was originally called Wepad. Here with “Oslo-Lena”.

© Neofonie

In addition, manufacturer Neofonie ran an extremely dubious word of mouth for its tablet produced in Asia:

The Berliners posted false reviews on Amazon.
The managing director Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen finally had to


Test then showed
that the Wetab could in no way hold the water for the iPad. And Neofonie gave

finally on.


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