These MAFS candidates did not get married but did find each other

After the sixth season of Married at First Sight two participants have found each other completely, without being matched. That would be a bit tricky, because one of them is gay and the other is not. It concerns none other than 40-year-old Danny from Limburg and 25-year-old Lizzy from Noord-Brabant.

On their Instagram pages you can see that these two have discovered each other in friendly terms after the shooting. With a photo of them together, Lizzy writes: “When the men are away …”. Danny then says: “It was fun again.” So it seems that the two have already met regularly.

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Currently we can all see how Lizzy and Danny try to find their ideal match in the RTL 4 dating show. Lizzy is linked to Lars from Brabant and Danny tries to find happiness with Rein, who lives in Haarlem. Both couples seem to be off to a flying start. Lizzy and Lars as well as Rein and Danny indicated immediately after the yes that they liked their match. But whether they really found the right one? Time will tell. Although Lizzy and Danny will already know about each other.

Wondering if you and your partner are the ideal match according to science? In the video below you can see how to perform a match test Married at First Sight can do.

Married at First Sight see you every Monday and Tuesday at 8.30 pm on RTL 4.


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