These mothers are celebrating their very first Mother’s Day today

Foodie Rens Kroes gave birth to her ‘great miracle’ in November: daughter Maya Jade.

Maartje Paumen became a mother for the first time on 6 February this year. It is a boy and his name is Seve.

Tabitha is also experiencing her very first Mother’s Day today. She announced the birth of her mini me with this photo on Instagram:

Not her first Mother’s Day, but the first with Freek and her daughter Coco together. Katja Schuurman’s daughter was born in August.

Kim Feenstra is also celebrating her very first Mother’s Day today with little Brooklyn.

And Jet van Nieuwkerk will undoubtedly get breakfast in bed from Frenkie today.

Anouk Hoogendijk is very happy with Sonny.

And Florine is now a Real Gooische Mother.

Romee Strijd and her boyfriend Laurens also became parents for the first time this year. The model will undoubtedly be surprised today.

And let’s not forget farmer Steffi. It is also Mother’s Day for her.

Newscaster Amber Brantsen welcomed daughter Taylor in February.

Sarah Chronis even recently became a mom. So she falls with her nose in the butter, just before Mother’s Day.

Today is also a special day for Mascha, or Beautygloss. She and Gregor welcomed their daughter Mila last summer.

It should be clear: our celebrities have given birth to a lot of babies this corona year. But there are also a lot of little ones on the way. This is how Maxime Meiland gets another love baby together with Leroy:


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