These new cars are coming in 2022: many electric models included!

The fact that most manufacturers have already set a fixed date for the combustion engine to be switched off can already be felt with the new cars in 2022. The list of vehicles that are only available with pure combustion is short. So BMW will probably still bring the M2 with a straight six, the M3 Touring should get the three-liter straight six from the sedan. The Porsche 911 GT3 RS apparently stays true to the high-revving naturally aspirated engine. For the Skoda Karoq Facelift and the new Honda Civic Type R, the engines of the current model could be adopted. Ferrari could finally bring its long-announced Purosangue SUV onto the market, for which it is not yet entirely clear whether it will be offered exclusively with a V6 petrol engine or optionally also with a hybrid drive.

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Most of the new models will be electrified

But electrification does not stop at big names either. Mercedes-AMG is probably making a plug-in hybrid model out of the C 63, and the same is likely to apply to the Opel Astra OPC. The top model in the new BMW 7 Series will be an electric car with over 650 hp. Renault is reviving old names as pure electric models, starting with the R5. At Volkswagen, the iconic design of the VW T1 should be brought into the here and now and roll into the range as a fully electric Bulli under the new name ID.Buzz. Mercedes is expanding the electric EQ family with an EQS SUV, introducing the electric panel van EQT and, with the EQS 53, the first electric AMG. At Audi, the electric models can be recognized by the addition of “e-tron” to their name. In 2022, the Q6 e-tron will be a new model on the PPE platform developed together with Porsche. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet.)

These three cars will be important in 2022:

Mercedes GLC – with a huge upright display from the C-Class
Big leaps in terms of design are not to be expected with the GLC. Like the last generation, the new GLC is again based on the C-Class and thus also takes over the new cockpit with a giant upright display on the center console. The engines also come from this source, which means that the GLC will always be electrified and there will be at least one plug-in hybrid variant.
BMW X1 – the new edition should increase in length
The X1 will be more beefy than its predecessor and should especially grow in length. Up to 4.60 meters are under discussion, which is an impressive 15 centimeters more than the current model. A digital cockpit will finally move into the interior. In addition to gasoline and diesel engines, the engine range should also include a plug-in hybrid drive. Maybe there will even be an electric iX1.
VW ID.Buzz – electric van in retro design
The look of the ID.Buzz is based on the original Bulli T1, as an electric car, like its ancestor, it could come with rear-wheel drive. But there will probably also be variants with all-wheel drive. There is no information about the range yet, there are 550 kilometers in the room. The performance is still pure speculation so far. The most powerful ID model currently has an output of 306 hp.

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