These new emojis are coming to iOS and Android

Emoji 15 includes 31 new emojis that could be released this year and next.

The Unicode Consortium will decide on 31 new emoji designs in 2022 that could be released for iOS and Android this year and next. A list of all drafts was published by Emojipedia this week. The Unicode consortium has until September to choose the final emojis.

Shaking face and high five emoji

Among the drafts is a face that shakes. This emoji could be used to express shock reactions, among other things. The consortium is also considering introducing an official high-five emoji, which was previously expressed by the folded hands emoji. Individually, the left and right-pointing hands could also be used to show rejection. Also new are a Wi-Fi emoji and a pink heart emoji.

New plants and animals in the emoji selection

The designs also include new animals and plants such as a jellyfish, donkey, goose and black bird, as well as ginger, pea pods and hyacinths. Furthermore, the maracas and a flute emoji could make it into the official selection.

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