These printer programs save ink and paper

Wallet, leisure time, the environment – these programs go easy on all three, at least when printing. Some declare that saving paper and ink is a sport and provide detailed savings successes.

Proclaimed again and again and yet by no means a reality: the paperless office. Even in their private lives, the printer is still not obsolete for most of them. A draft, a sketch on a thin sheet of paper, a letter on high-quality paper, a photo on glossy paper – we keep giving our printers new fodder. But the printer not only eats JPGs and DOCs via the connected computer, but also a lot of paper via the feeder and ink from the cartridges. We present clever tools that keep this hunger in check and save your wallet.

But these programs are not only easy on your wallet. The environment also benefits from less wasted paper and lower ink consumption. Last but not least, the printer tools save time. Because most of them work like this: They remove superfluous elements which are then not printed at all. These are, for example, advertising banners or very long URLs at the bottom of the page that no one would type in anyway. In addition, the programs reduce the resolution of graphics and images that are only accessories in drafts of text. This not only saves you pages and printer ink, but – because it is then faster – you also save time.

Some of the programs give you a detailed list of the saved printing costs after printing. However, this should be enjoyed with caution and is more of a motivational or fun character. Because the individual parameters that the program uses for the calculation are often too imprecise or not up-to-date. The listing of the pages that you have saved so far carries more weight.

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