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These series will disappear from Netflix in December 2020

These series will disappear from Netflix at the end of 2020

Gossip Girl

XOXO, Gossip Girl. Yes, this series remains delicious. Watch your favorite season again in the coming days, because in four days Blair, Serena, Nate and Chuck will disappear from Netflix.

Prison Break

Watching Wentworth Miller get out of prison really isn’t a punishment. But then we’re mainly talking about the first season, of course. Looking back again? Only this week you have the option to watch it back on Netflix.

The Big Bang Theory

The series has no less than twelve seasons and receives an 8.1 on IMDB. Fortunately you don’t have to follow the entire series, all episodes are very entertaining to watch separately.

Sons of Anarchy

The tough biker gang has been on Netflix for many seasons. You probably won’t be able to watch everything right away. If you haven’t seen the last season yet, now is your chance.

These films will disappear from Netflix at the end of 2020

But there are also a number of films that will disappear. So quickly schedule another movie night.


To cry! This film is about a 27-year-old boy who develops cancer. He does his best to deal with this, but this does not always work. A real tear jumper.

All Stars

Now that the All Stars series is back on television, it is so nice to watch the movie from back then. Only this week is it possible.

The Eetclub

Based on the popular book by Saskia Noort. The film adaptation only gets a 5.1 on IMDB. Always wanted to see it once? Now it is still possible.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

A true romcom classic! A cheerful, loving film where you can enjoy Matthew McConaughey for two hours.

Bridget Jones’ Baby

Yes, you can’t miss the sequel to the Bridget Jones movies. Not yet seen? Quick turn on. And if you have time, watch parts 1 and 2 first, still fun.


Fancy a little more action and adventure? Then watch Gladiator from 2000. This film won 5 Oscars and therefore certainly belongs in the list of classics.


Can’t get enough of it? Then you can also watch Spartacus after the Gladiator. This movie is 40 years older than the Gladiator, so you can see that.

The Revenant

The movie that finally saw Leonardo DiCaprio win his first Oscar. Rightly so. You want to see this exciting film. It is not without reason that the film gets an 8 on IMDB.

Scent of a Woman

A beautiful romantic film with Al Pacino in the lead. A classic that you should have seen. So just look back.

The Big Lebowski

You can see this film on many lists. It is considered one of the better movies out there. But today it is on the list of films that will no longer be shown. Not viewed yet? Or do you want to see him again? This is your chance.


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