These six countries had to reintroduce corona measures

China is reopening on a zigzag course.

China, where the corona virus first appeared and where a lockdown was also imposed for the first time, has stopped the reopening. China initially sealed off the city of Wuhan in late January – and gradually sealed off other regions, too, until around half of the country’s population was affected by the restrictions in mid-February. By early March, the newly reported cases had slowed to less than 200 cases a day.

The country held a series of reopening at the end of March. By Thursday, the country had never seen more than 36 new cases a day in a month. However, the reopening was not an easy process as the authorities in several cities and regions abruptly withdrew their decisions at different times. The cinemas were allowed to reopen nationwide on March 23, but only three days later they were ordered to close them again.

On March 28, after months of closure, the residents of Wuhan were told that they were allowed to leave their homes only to reverse the decision five days later. On May 18, Wuhan reported six new infections, interrupting the 35-day series of zero new cases daily. The government has not imposed a new lockdown, but is instead testing all eleven million residents.


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