These small cars are the cheapest in overall cost

You can quickly find out which cars are the cheapest to buy. But what about the ongoing costs? The ADAC has picked out those small cars that are the cheapest every month. The assessment included the loss in value without interest, inspection, wearing parts, tire replacement, fuel prices, vehicle tax, liability and comprehensive insurance, fuel and oil refill costs and the cost of changing the oil.

And best of all: Thanks to Carwow, there are additional discounts on these already very inexpensive small cars (no basic price exceeds the 23,000 euro mark). (Important: The calculations were always based on the base model.)

Selected products in tabular overview

Dacia Spring Electric 45

Dacia Spring Electric

RRP EUR 22,550 / savings of up to EUR 9,710 / costs per month: EUR 366.00

Dacia Sandero TC90

Dacia Sandero

RRP EUR 9600 / savings of up to EUR 146 / costs per month: EUR 391.00

Mitsubishi Space Star

Mitsubishi Space Star

RRP EUR 10,380 / savings of up to EUR 3,862 / costs per month: EUR 409.00

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo

Skoda Fabia

RRP EUR 14,540 / savings of up to EUR 5,412 / costs per month: EUR 435.00

Mazda 2 Skyactiv-G 90 M Hybrid

Mazda 2 Skyactive-G

RRP EUR 14,990 / savings up to EUR 4024 / costs per month: EUR 446.00

Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift

RRP EUR 16,700 / savings of up to EUR 3,544 / costs per month: EUR 455.00

Seat Ibiza 1.5 TSI DSG

Seat Ibiza

RRP EUR 16,490 / savings of up to EUR 5,130 / costs per month: EUR 455.00

Dacia Spring Electric: cheaper to maintain is not possible

With a list price of 22,550 euros, the Dacia Spring is of course one of the cheapest electric cars on the German market. But what if you can save almost half again? Carwow makes it possible. And so in the end 12,840 euros remain – for a factory-fresh small electric car! But don’t forget: the state subsidy has already been included here.
Dacia Spring Electric 45

Unbeatably cheap to run: only 366 euros are due per month according to the ADAC.

12,840 euros for a fully electric new car is not much – it is actually quite little money. So don’t expect to sit in a full-featured, high-end product. But How To Cars summed it up after the test: “Well done! Dacia’s minimalism makes Spring extremely likeable.” And the monthly costs are also minimalist: Because the spring is only 366 euros!
The Spring comes with only 33 kW (44 hp), but with an unladen weight of 938 kg it also weighs almost 400 kg less than, for example, a Fiat 500e. The range is up to 230 kilometers. In conclusion, the electric Dacia has everything you need, but nothing more.

Dacia Sandero: winner of the new acquisition

The Dacia Sandero is the cheapest new car in Germany. The prices have also risen at Dacia, but the Sandero is still below the 10,000 euro mark with a base price of 9600 euros. And the Dacia isn’t just really cheap when it comes to purchasing it. The total costs are also impressive. The ADAC calculates a monthly amount of 391 euros for the small car.

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With the cheapest new car in Germany, there is really only the basic equipment in the basic equipment. That means: 67 hp, 95 Nm maximum torque, a top speed of 158 km/h and few frills in the interior. At Carwow there is a discount of up to 146 euros on the Sandero.

Mitsubishi Space Star: the second cheapest new car

With its low base price of just 10,380 euros, the Space Star is undoubtedly one of the cheapest new cars in Germany. Only the Dacia Sandero trumps it with an RRP of 9600 euros. And the monthly maintenance costs for the Mitsubishi are almost unbeatable: They are only 409 euros!
Mitsubishi Space Star

The Mitsubishi Space Star is the second cheapest new car in Germany — after the Dacia Sandero.

And what do you get from Mitsubishi for so little money? The small car is kept simple both inside and out. But after the new facelift, the basic version of the Space Star comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In combination with the manual five-speed gearbox, 71 hp are enough for a top speed of 167 km/h.

Skoda Fabia: a lot of equipment for little money

The fourth generation of the Skoda Fabia only started this year. So the design is fresh from the factory. With a base price of 14,540 euros, the brand’s smallest model is a few thousand euros more expensive than, for example, the Dacia Sandero or Mitsubishi Space Star – but it also has more to offer.
Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI

Compared to its competitors, the Fabia offers a little more basic equipment and technology.

The standard equipment of the Fabia already has drowsiness detection, a lane departure warning system, a speed limiter and LED main headlights. In common with Space Star and Co., the small Skoda has low maintenance costs. According to the ADAC, you only have to pay 435 euros a month. At Carwow, up to 5412 euros can be saved on the small car!

Mazda2: the economical one

The Mazda2 is the brand’s smallest model. While it most commonly comes as a petrol engine, there is also the option to drive the small car as a (mild) hybrid. The basic model with a petrol engine is priced at 14,990 euros. It can even be cheaper: At Carwow there is a discount of up to 4024 euros on the Mazda2.
Mazda 2 Skyactiv-G 90 M Hybrid

At carwow there is a price reduction of up to 4024 euros on the Mazda2.

With 75bhp, 143Nm of peak torque, front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual gearbox, the 2-series might not be the fastest, but it’s certainly economical. The small Mazda consumes only 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers. And the maintenance costs are very cheap: According to the ADAC, you have to pay 446 euros a month.

Suzuki Swift: lively, sovereign and inexpensive

100,000 kilometers is a long distance and yet the Suzuki Swift was able to master it without any problems. Of course not in one piece. But while a wide variety of drivers have tested the Swift Sport in the AUTO BILD endurance test, he has never faltered. The only find after 100,000 kilometers: rust behind the side members. In addition to its sovereignty, the small car impresses with its almost unbeatable price: it costs 16,700 euros in the basic version. And with a monthly cost of only 455 euros according to ADAC, the Swift is not only cheap to buy.

The Swift was able to prove itself in the AUTO BILD endurance test and passed with a straight 1.

At Carwow you can even save another 3544 euros on the new car price. The technical data are also convincing: With 83 hp, the Swift drives quite lively even in the basic version. By the way: The small Suzuki is only available as a mild hybrid!

Seat Ibiza: an old hand on the market

The first Seat Ibiza will soon be 40 years old, 2024 to be exact. And even after four decades, the model enjoys great popularity. The attractive price-performance ratio is probably not entirely uninvolved in this. The base price of the current Ibiza is 16,490 euros. And at Carwow there is even a discount of up to 5130 euros.

But not only the purchase, but also the maintenance of the small car is cheap: 455 euros per month according to ADAC. For this you get a practical small car with 80 hp and a low consumption of only 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

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