These tools improve your virus protection

Has a virus infected your computer and silenced your antivirus tool? You can use a second scanner to check the security status of your computer.

An antivirus program on the computer is standard – be it Avira Free Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials or another tool. If it is installed and up-to-date, most users feel safe. But what if the program reports an intruder? Almost all antivirus programs then offer the following options: “Move virus to quarantine” or “Remove virus”. But is the malware really completely erased from the system? A program specializing in virus hunting creates security as a second instance. The second scanner is also useful when the anti-virus program is silent. Because some malware manipulates the installed virus monitor or even secretly deactivates it. The virus hunter then sounds the alarm.


The tools presented are virus hunters that you start manually and that do not run constantly in the background. As a result, unlike full-fledged antivirus tools, they do not compete with Avira Free Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials & Co. Because they do not offer real-time protection in the background, they are not a substitute for classic antivirus programs, but just a supplement. A few of the programs mentioned have specialized in other areas of the anti-virus fight: They block attacks or clean the system after an attack.

Virus detection – how to proceed

If the virus hunter finds what it is looking for, how to proceed should depend on the type of find. In any case: keep calm! Rushed panic actions tend to make the situation even worse. If the find is a cookie or a joke virus, have the virus hunter remove it. Even if the antivirus fails, the damage is very little. With some malware, however, the virus hunter reaches its limits – for example with bootkits. These are pests that cleverly hide themselves in Windows. They can only be dealt with with a rescue CD. You can also find the CDs in the gallery. Start from the CD and the installed anti-virus programs catch viruses from the hard drive before Windows starts. Bootkits cannot hide from them. The virus check from CD is also suitable as an additional security measure for cautious users – whether against bootkits or regular viruses.

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