These tools save you money when shopping

Whether on Amazon, Ebay or Aldi – these programs compare prices, find bargains or give you an overview of the price chaos. And almost all of them are free!

With clever tools like VertippTop, you can save a lot of money when shopping. The small freeware does not simply look for the desired product, but also for other spellings and even for incorrectly typed product names. In this way, you can also find auctions whose creator made a mistake because, for example, instead of a “u”, he hit the “z” key next to it.

Another program that helps save money uses the classic method: price comparison. After installing the PC-WELT savings advisor, there is an icon in the form of a percentage sign in your browser bar. If you search for a product on the Internet, the savings advisor will automatically provide you with a list of alternative online shops with their prices for the product.

So that you don’t experience any nasty surprises when shopping online – for example, no goods have been hijacked after payment or account – we also put a few security tools in the gallery. These are specially designed to meet the needs of online purchases. Sticky Password helps you create and manage strong passwords for online shopping. Important: Up-to-date antivirus software such as Avast Free Antivirus cannot, of course, replace the tools mentioned.

But we don’t only consider programs that help with online shopping. And no matter where you spend money – with household books such as GnuCash or MyMicroBalance you have your finances under control. After all, what use is the greatest savings offer in the world if you can no longer afford it this month? The household books tell you exactly how much money you have left.

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