THG-Qutoe: You can collect a part and donate the rest!

GHG Quota Premium

GHG quota trading with Emobia

Simply earn money with the e-car

At emobia you can collect up to 440 euros per year with your electric car. 350 euros are guaranteed. Those who refer friends can look forward to a bonus of 30 euros per person. Register now and collect your bonus!

In co-operation with

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Anyone who stays below the exemption limit of 256 euros per calendar year does not have to pay any taxes in accordance with Section 22 III EStG. GHG quota traders such as Emobia have taken advantage of this and offer a flat-rate GHG premium of a maximum of 255 euros. Interesting: If you don’t want to let the remaining GHG amount go unused up to the maximum premium of 400 euros, you can donate the difference to a good cause.

This is how donations work

Various portals such as Juicify, Smartificate or Geld für eAuto donate the difference (e.g. 20 euros) to the aid organizations that are currently working on various projects in Ukraine. Anyone who would like to donate their entire GHG premium directly to emergency aid for Ukraine can do so, for example, with the Deutschland Hilft campaign.

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