Thijs Boontjes will be Sander Hoogendoorn’s permanent sidekick

Thijs has been a welcome guest of the morning show since the start of Sanders Friend Team. With his band he made a festival cover of the song ‘All Night Long’ by Lionel Richie in the 3FM livebox. ‘This Night’ became a hit and the friendship between Thijs and Sander was born. Since May 2020 he can be heard every Thursday in the morning show.

Last week Thijs passed his probation as a sidekick with flying colors, in which he was subjected to many critical questions by the listeners. “From the first time that Thijs could be heard in the Friend team on Thursday, I have been asked whether he can stay forever”, says Hoogendoorn. “Because when he enters the studio, the people who have seen him perform will recognize that, it is immediately fun. Thijs is a friend who brings a lot of atmosphere, is socially involved and makes us feel every day as if it is almost weekend. “


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