Third season The Sinner is just around the corner with a hot surprise

Fans of the series can’t wait for a new season and a new mystery. Fortunately, Netflix does not let its subscribers wait too long, because from next month we can start bingo watching again. Because then the brand new episodes appear, but there is a catch.

At the moment, Netflix has announced that the new season can be seen in the United Kingdom and Ireland from June 19, but the Dutch branch is anxiously silent. However, the chances are quite high that a series of such a format will simply get a worldwide release and will therefore simply be binged in the Netherlands.

Detective Harry Ambrose will once again plunge into a mysterious case this season. This time, none other than Matt Bomer (Magic Mike’s) also has a part to play. He plays the role of Jamie, a highly regarded citizen, but nothing is what it seems. When Harry has to investigate a car accident, he soon comes to the conclusion that more is going on. He quickly manages to get to Jamie and it all goes very quickly.


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