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Thirty men? Then these theaters and music venues prefer to keep their doors closed

The new corona measures will take effect tonight at 10 p.m. Catering industry closed, amateur sports restricted and no more than thirty people together. No exceptions will be made, said Prime Minister Mark Rutte yesterday, not even for large theaters and pop venues. Many of those locations prefer to keep their doors closed, they don’t like organizing performances for only thirty people.

Institutions that received an exemption in recent weeks to receive more people will close in the coming weeks now that this exception has been lifted.

‘Not feasible’

Royal Theater Carré will keep its doors closed until at least 27 October. “Unfortunately, the permitted number of thirty visitors for our theater is not feasible with a capacity of 1,756 seats. Visitors will be informed as soon as possible ”, the theater writes on the website. The Luxor in Rotterdam has canceled all performances that were scheduled up to and including October 25.

The DeLaMar also sees no reason to open the doors now. “We have recently done our utmost to offer performances to a smaller audience, but with a capacity limit of thirty people, the programming cannot continue in the near future. We have therefore made the difficult decision to close our theater at least until November 15, ”the theater reports on its website.

In Tilburg, 013 will also remain closed in the coming weeks, at least until November 11. The exact plans for Paradiso and the Melkweg are not yet known. However, a spokesperson for Paradiso reports that she assumes that they will have to cancel everything that was planned for the next one. Before these measures were announced, masks were already mandatory in both Paradiso and the Melkweg.

“Absolutely not an option”

Theater producer De Graaf & Cornelissen Entertainment finds it “absolutely not an option” to stage performances for a maximum of thirty people. “We don’t even think about that.”

According to artistic director Hans Cornelissen, the announced measures are extra sour because two productions were just running that were completely corona-proof. Cornelissen, however, is hopeful that the cabinet will relax the measures again soon, as soon as the infections recede. Minister van Engelshoven has stated that theaters are doing very well. “And with the draconian measures that are now being taken, I see the infections rapidly decreasing and measures can be relaxed,” says Cornelissen.

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Thirty men? Then these theaters and music venues prefer to keep their doors closed


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