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Thirty premieres on Movies that Matter | Movie

Movies that matter. About people, their rights and the injustice done to them. That has been the starting point of Movies that Matter for fifteen years. Born out of the Amnesty International Film Festival, this annual event is the place to be for committed filmmakers to present and talk about their work. The latter will also take place online this year: with question and answer sessions, workshops and master classes.

Movies that Matter will screen a total of fifty feature films and documentaries from April 25th. The festival, which is normally held in The Hague, has three main competitions. In Activist are shown in collaboration with Amnesty International documentaries about the work and life of human rights defenders, Camera Justitia zooms in on, among other things, the importance of the rule of law and the fight against impunity. The third fixture is Dutch Movies Matter, with Dutch feature films and documentaries that deal directly or indirectly with human rights.

In the opening movie The man who sold his skin From the Tunisian director Kaouther Ben Hania, lovers Sam and Abeer have become separated from each other by the Syrian civil war. Sam is in Lebanon, Abeer is trapped in a loveless marriage in Brussels. A cynical, world-renowned artist offers Sam a chance to find Abeer, but the price he has to pay is enormous.

The closing film is on April 25 Here We Are, in which Aharon takes care of his autistic, grown-up son Uri. When Uri has to go to a home, father and son run away. But where to? And what exactly do they hope to find? Israeli Nir Bergman, best known as a screenwriter, directed this emotional film about strong bonds and difficult choices.

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