This actress played all her scenes in GTST barefoot

Micky tells Eva Jinek that she enjoyed her role in Good times Bad Times. “The role of Cleo was a role of a pathological liar; a woman with a lot of feeling, but little conscience. Everyone thought that I was really like that, because I had never acted. It was such a fun role. As Cleo de opened the door on set, you just knew there were problems, but Cleo was happy the girl you love to hate. “

With her height of 1.84 cm, Micky is a lot longer than her soap colleagues such as Sabine Koning at the time. And so has the former GTSTstar had to stretch her heels many times on the set of hotel De Rozenboom. “I have my entire period with me GTST walked barefoot. Then they said to me: “No dude, you can’t see that.” But if you look closely you will see it. “

Want to see more of Micky Hoogendijk in Jinek? Then watch the video below:


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