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This app will never let you send drunk Whatsapp messages again

Sending a WhatsApp message when you’ve just had a little too much to drink is something we’ve all done. However? This app ensures that you no longer make that mistake. In the future then.

We know that every now and then we do the dumbest things with a glass of beer or wine too much. One of the actions that we may have all taken is to send someone a message via WhatsApp in a drunken mood. This often goes well, but sometimes it also goes ‘right wrong’. Then you accidentally send your ex a message that you regret afterwards. If you do that regularly again, there is a good solution in the long run.

Drunk mode for WhatsApp

A Chinese home appliance company called Gree Electric has come up with something special, the Spanish reports Milenio. Perhaps staff members or the director himself have made such a mistake. It has created an app that blocks WhatsApp and other social networks when you are no longer so responsible. The maker himself calls it ‘drunk mode’.

WhatsApp itself is also sometimes ‘drunk’ by the way.

In fact, the app works exactly the same as a sober friend keeps an eye on your phone. It is possible to ensure that your messages sent on WhatsApp are blocked or delayed. Calls and, for example, social media posts are also blocked for 12 hours.

Check if you are sober again

With the app it is possible to set yourself which apps are and are not accessible when you are drunk. It can also be set that, for example, WhatsApp is possible again if you are sober enough. Various settings can be entered for this. There are special verification options for this.

Wait a little longer

Unfortunately, we still have some bad news. This app is not released yet. The company has filed a patent for the position and is still awaiting approval. Of course, there is also another caveat for using this app. It is made by a Chinese company, so of course you have to pay close attention to whether your data is handled properly. Anyway, that’s for later care. Until then, you just have to be careful that you don’t send anything stupid via WhatsApp.

Old WhatsApp messages can no longer be read from 15 May (unlessā€¦)

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This app will never let you send drunk Whatsapp messages again


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