This belt gives a ‘surround feeling’ to movies, games and music

Not only the big screen is a reason to still go to the cinema, the sound also plays a major role. Thanks to the surround sound systems, you feel as if the jets are bouncing over you from behind.

The new FeelBelt wearable should also make you experience films, games and music in a tangible way. This belt has ten pulse generators built in that can deliver vibrations 360 degrees around your waist with a frequency of 1 to 20,000 Hertz.

Feel when someone walks past you

If someone walks right behind you in the film or in the game, you will feel vibrations in your back. If you listen to music, according to the makers you will also feel the vibrations through your body, like during a live concert.

The FeelBelt has its own app and can in principle convert all content that produces sound into pulses. The belt is equipped with a mini-jack port, but can also receive sound sources wirelessly via Bluetooth and it can be charged via USB-C. The playing time is about six hours.

Vests and controllers

Incidentally, these types of devices that add haptic feedback to the virtual experience have been in the works for years, with varying degrees of success. As early as 1994, the Aura Interactor vest with force feedback appeared, which converted bass sound from a TV or a stereo set into vibrations, which, for example, had to simulate the feeling of a kick or blow.

A recent example of haptic feedback are Sony’s new PlayStation 5 controllers, whose drag resistance can be adjusted to simulate, for example, the tightening tense feel of an arc.

The FeelBelt can be pre-ordered via Kickstarter for 219 euros.


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