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This content is new to Amazon Prime Video in May

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  • In addition to free delivery, music, reading and more, Amazon Prime * particularly impresses with the Amazon Prime Video * service.
  • There you will find films and series for every taste.
  • We have created a list that shows you what new content awaits you in May.

With Amazon Prime Video * you have access to films and series from a wide variety of genres. No matter whether you prefer horror, romance, action, suspense or comedy – everyone gets their money’s worth. Here you can find out what’s new in May.

Which films and series you can find on Amazon Prime Videon can

As an Amazon Prime * member, you have access to the Prime Video * streaming platform, where you can stream over 13,000 films and series episodes. In addition, there is paid content that you can borrow or buy in the store (for example, the new season of your favorite series). At Amazon Prime Video you can expect some Amazon Originals, such as “The Man in the High Castle”, “Jack Ryan”, “Beat”, “Good Omens”, “Fleabag” or “Carnival Row” and exclusive series such as “American Gods” , “Mr. Robot ”and“ Lucifer ”. You can of course view the content online, or download it and watch it on the go. In addition to the “normal” films and series, the Amazon Channels have also been discovered since 2017. You can add these monthly and enjoy brand new productions like “Killing Eve” or “The Act”.

What does Amazon Prime Video cost?

For an Amazon Prime * membership you pay 69.00 euros per year. This is equivalent to 5.75 euros per month – a real bargain. Of course you can also get a monthly subscription, but that costs 7.99 euros per month. But you can cancel it every month. If you are not yet sure whether Amazon Prime is right for you, you can try the service for free for 30 days. You can cancel your membership at any time during this test phase and continue to use the offers until the end of the trial period.

Our tip: As a student, you can enjoy Amazon Prime for free for one year. The subscription includes the use of Amazon Prime Video *, Prime Reading and the premium delivery of ordered items. At the end of the year, you only pay half of the regular price, i.e. only 34 euros a year. This great offer also applies to trainees!

What’s new in Amazon Prime Video in May 2020?

In May you can expect some new films and series on Amazon Prime Video. * You can find them in the “Recently added” section and in our list. We have highlighted our highlights in bold so that you don’t miss anything:

New from May 1st:

  • “Black-ish”, season 5
  • “Upload”, season 1

New on Amazon Prime Video from May 2nd:

  • “Black 47”
  • “Code 8”

This film will be shown from May 3rd:

  • “When flies dream”

Look forward to May 4th:

  • “Imperium”
  • “World traveler”

It continues on May 5th:

  • “And facing the future”

This is new on May 8th:

  • “Dispatches from Elswhere”, season 1

A film follows on May 9th:

  • “A Prayer Before Dawn”

From May 10th on Amazon Prime Video:

  • “Homecoming”, Season 2

New from May 13th:

A new highlight is coming on May 15th:

  • “The Last Narc”, season 1

There will be a new film from May 20th:

  • “The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot”

On May 24th:

  • “The House of Mysterious Clocks”
  • “Freaks – you look like us”

New from May 25th:

  • “The War of the Worlds”, part 1 & 2

Finally: New on May 29th:

  • “Save Flora: The Journey of a Lifetime”
  • “The Vast of Night”
  • “The Beischläfer”, season 1

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