This electric motorcycle shoots down from 0 to 100 km / h in less than a second

Biker friends, would you be able to take the handlebars of a 1631 hp electric motorcycle? Such a machine has just broken the world record for the quarter mile (402 m) by offering breathtaking images.

Electric motorcycles also have their drag race. Without any flame or noise, they perform monstrously. With a power of 1200 kW (1631 hp), the Silver Lightning is one of these machines. The machine designed for Team True Cousins ​​broke the world record for the quarter mile (402 m) on an electric motorcycle, in a competition at the Santa Pod track in England.

On the seventh try, the Silver Lightning posted 6.87 seconds against the clock, narrowly dethroning the previously set record of 6.94 seconds. Ridden by Hans-Henrik Thomsen, the bike peaked at 307 km / h and blasted the 0 to 100 km / h in just… 0.9 seconds. Quite a grip for the pilot, who had to withstand an acceleration worthy of a space launcher. The True Cousins ​​team even tried to push the performance above and beyond. After a few failures due to slippage, she lowered the tire pressure and reduced engine power. Adjustments that saved 0.01 seconds on the quarter mile.


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