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This electric unicycle goes 45 km / h

Watch the video and respond.

In this second season (watch season 1) of the Bright series The Last Mile, we look at which type of electric vehicle is best suited for the first and last roughly 1.5 kilometers of your trip, in other words, to and from the train or bus. Which vehicle is fun and easy to drive, but can also be folded and taken on the train?

After testing the legal electric scooter Veeley V5, the virtually legal e-folding bike GoCycle GX and the remarkable folding scooter OneMile, we conclude season 2 with the illegal electric unicycle Gotway MCM5.

This Electric UniCycle (EUC) can do 45 kilometers per hour and has a range of another 45 kilometers. You pay 999 euros for that. Furthermore, this beast is difficult to control: Bright presenter Bram was left with trembling knees and a blue shin.

Thanks to for lending the unicycle.

Win the Boosted Rev e-scooter

Bright is giving away the Boosted Rev in collaboration with e-mobility webshop FatDaddy. This scooter is also called the ‘Tesla among e-scooters’, goes 39 km / h and costs 1,899 euros.

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